Creating a Feminine, Frilly Bedroom For Your Little Princess

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Designing a feminine, frilly bedroom for a little girl is something that can be easily accomplished.  Some girls love all of the lace, ruffles and pink you can find!  If your little princess loves all things pink (or any pastel color for that matter), creating the look is simple. This article will give you some great ideas for decorating a bedroom your little girl will love.

Choose a basic color

It is essential that you choose a single color to incorporate in designing the bedroom.  Pastel pink, powder blue, soft peach or pastel yellow are some of the colors you may want to consider.

Ask your little girl for her input before you make a decision; if pastel pink is her favorite of all colors, go with it!

Start with the walls

The walls are important in creating the perfect frilly look.  Choose a pastel colored paint, or white if bedding, furniture and other accessories will contain a great deal of your basic color.  You do not want to over-do it with a single color.

Another great look for the walls is a delicately patterned floral wall paper from ceiling to floor.  A white based wall paper sprinkled with tiny pastel flower is extremely feminine.

Even if there is no window at the head of the bed, hang a sheer white lace curtain, draping it back with bows that reflect whatever color you chose for the room.  A large wood framed mirror hanging on the wall above the dresser reflects light; whitewash the wood, and hot glue delicate flowers at each of the four corners of the mirror.


You don’t need an over-abundance of furniture in a little girl’s room; a bed, night table and dresser is really all that is required.  Consider a round table placed next to the bed, topped with a feminine floral fabric that reaches the floor and short solid topper with lace around the edges.

Paint the dresser to match the room.  A pastel pink dresser adorned with white ceramic heart-shaped drawer pulls is totally feminine.  Outline the drawers with a thin strip of white paint to really make the dresser stand out.

Accessories and bedding

Accessories make the room.  For the bed, consider a solid color comforter with delicately patterned bed-skirt.  Top with round and oblong throw pillows edged in lace.

Teddy bears are always a nice touch; for a little girl’s bedroom, find bears covered in feminine fabrics instead of fur.  A pink fabric with white polka dots is cute; wrap a white piece of lace around the middle and finish with a bow in the front.

Small, delicate bedside lamps are a wonderful way to provide light for bed time reading; tall white ceramic vases filled with silk flowers that match the decor are perfect for the nightstand, as well as the dresser.

Quilted, delicately patterned accent rugs dress up the floor.  Place one at each side of the bed and at the foot of the bed.

As you can see, decorating a feminine, frilly little girl’s room is easy!  With a few creative ideas, your little princess will love her bedroom more than ever before.

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