Create a Unique & Relaxing Bathroom On a Budget

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If you are one of those do-it-yourself kind of people, there are many ways you can give your bathroom a whole new look, even if you have little to no money to spend.  While your bath isn’t a room you worry about too much when it comes to decorating, you want it to look nice.  If yours has seen better days and you just don’t have the money to renovate it, here are a few easy ideas that will transform your bath to one you will love quickly and easily.

Cheap sheets equal a unique look

Have a few of those low thread count bed sheets stored away in a closet?  Nothing makes a better shower curtain!  Whether you have solids, stripes or florals, it’s easy to construct a new shower curtain for your bath.

Making the ties to attach to your shower curtain rod is easy as well; simply use bias tape cut into 8 inch strips and sew them to the sheet at 10 to 12 inch intervals.

Another great idea for those sheets you no longer use:  Cut long strips from a sheet that matches the “shower curtain” you made and then sew them along the bottom of your solid colored towels to create a border.  Your new towels will look great, and will really dress up the bathroom.

Garage type metal shelving makes a great addition to the bathroom

If your husband has more of those metal “utility shelves” in the garage than is necessary, steal one of them and create a unique shelve for the bathroom.  Spray paint it a glossy or flat shade that matches the bathroom decor, then add candles, spare wash cloths, jars and bottles of lotions, a basket filled with scented soaps, potpourri and other goodies.

Refinish a linoleum floor

Can’t afford new vinyl?  Just paint your old floors and add patterns with stencils!  You can use paint on tile and linoleum floors; just use 2 to 3 coats of paint, let them dry thoroughly and then apply 2 to 3 coats of polyurethane for shine and protection.

Add a relaxing and romantic touch to the tub

Here’s a really great idea that you will love!  Take a mirror that is approximately 4 feet long (like those you typically hang on the back of the door to check how you look after dressing) and hang it horizontally across the wall beside the tub!  This will make the bathroom look larger, and it adds a unique touch to the tub space.  Mount a shelf underneath the mirror to hold candles, shampoo, soap, body wash, and other toiletries.

There are many affordable ways to update the look of your bathroom without spending much money.  Craft curtains for the bathroom windows out of sheets or even old scraps of lace; clear the clutter off of the top of the vanity, add a large potted plant to one corner of the room.

Put these ideas to use in your home and you will find that you can completely transform the look of your bath with very little expense.

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