Choosing Color a Scheme to Decorate Your Home in Style

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Color plays a huge role in not only in the beauty of your home, but the atmosphere as well.  Many people don’t realize just how much color affects mood, relaxation and ambience.  In this article, you will find ideas and information that will help you create color schemes that make for an inviting, comfortable home that your family and friends will love.

Basic rules for creating an appealing color scheme


Keep in mind when choosing colors for a room to use only 2 or 3 total.  One color should dominate the room, while the other two will complement or contrast with the dominating color.  This makes for rooms that are beautiful, colorful, and anything but bland.

Many people use neutral colors, simply because they are so easy to accessorize.  Also, it’s easy to refresh the look without buying all new furnishings and accents.  If you prefer a bold, elegant look, consider using black and white with a few interesting splashes of red.

Neutral colors are chic and simple


When you think neutral, consider shades of black, white, gray and brown.  You can choose any variations of these colors, such as cream, beige and gold.  Incorporating these colors into your decorating is simple, as these shades blend easily with most furnishings, especially those that are made of wood or leather.  Always make sure that darker shades and lighter ones are well balanced, so that the room doesn’t appear too “heavy” or too “light.”

Also, make certain that you vary sleek, smooth textures with nubby or rough textures to add interest and depth to the room.


Warm colors invite relaxation and make a room look rich


If you love rooms that are rich and relaxing, warm colors are the perfect choice.  Take your cue from the colors seen in the fall, when leaves are golden, orange and russet; forest greens and brown tones add to the comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Many people who decorate their homes in country or western style décor incorporate these colors into their rooms.  A wall may be painted cream and trimmed in russet, or vice versa depending on the size of the room.  Dark walls are fine for large rooms, but tend to make a small room appear even smaller.

Accents such as throw pillows and area rugs should be rich in color; plaids and stripes of forest green, russet and gold add bold splashes of texture and color.

Color is an integral aspect of interior decorating.  Colors affect mood, and create a certain type of atmosphere.  In a home office, you may want to use colors that make you feel more energetic; in a bedroom, relaxing colors such as soft lavender or pastel blue invite sleep.  Consider the room you are decorating, and the effect you want to create when choosing colors.

To help you choose the perfect colors for your home, pay particular attention to the colors of nature; the skies, forests, mountains and fields offer up plenty of ideas.  Put these tips to use in your home, and you will have rooms that are not only appealing to the eye, but appealing to the senses as well.

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