Color Code and Pattern Personality: How to Decipher Your’s for the Best Choices in Décor

In design, it is amazing how the little things can make all of the difference. From a simple throw pillow to a thoughtful art piece, it is the accents in a room that can really highlight your beautiful furniture or lofty ceilings. If you don’t understand how to use accessories to your advantage you will … Continue Reading »

Top Color Palettes for Home Decorating

Every year, trends in home decorating change a bit with regards to popular colors.  Last year, turquoise was all the rage, perhaps due to a declining economy.  Turquoise is a color that stands for compassion and healing, and is inspired by the sky and water.  This year, things are changing in a big way as … Continue Reading »

Pattern, Color & Texture – Creating Amazing Rooms

Not all that long ago homeowners wouldn’t dare mix patterns and colors in any way that wasn’t traditional.  Neutral colors were, for the most part, bland and lacked personality.  Today, all of the rules are out the window when it comes to decorating your home!  Rich textures, contrasting patterns and lots of color create rooms … Continue Reading »

Decorating Your Home in Shades of Orange – Warm, Inviting and Energetic

Orange is a color that few people consider when decorating their homes, and it’s really a shame.  This is a color that can be warm, rich, bright or energetic.  The many shades of orange are perfect for every room of your home; pastel shades provide a soft look in bathrooms and rich shades warm up … Continue Reading »

Incorporating Bright, Cheerful and Open Spaces in Your Home

While some people enjoy a dark home, most homeowners prefer a bright, sunny interior that offers cheer and a look that is wide open and spacious.  No matter how large or small your home, you can really open it up through the use of window treatments, color and even visual effects that “trick” the eye.  … Continue Reading »

Cool Decorating Tips to Help Make Your Apartment Your Own

Decorating an apartment can be a challenge.  Some landlords aren’t too happy when you make changes such as painting or replacing window treatments, while others don’t mind as long as you ask them.  If you’re ready to make your apartment your own so that it reflects your personality and style preferences, here are a few … Continue Reading »

Incorporating Brown and Teal for a Living Room that is Modern and Appealing

Today, modern decor is refreshing and attractive.  Two decades ago, most people would never dream of decorating a living room in shades of brown and teal; now, it’s one of the most appealing looks you can have if you love a clean, modern decor.  In this article, you will find many useful tips for incorporating … Continue Reading »