Living Room Decorating Ideas For Various Tastes

Your living room is the place where your family enjoys relaxing and you entertain guests.  While not everyone’s taste is the same, you want the style you choose to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible.  The tips and ideas below will help you design a living room that meets your decorating tastes and also … Continue Reading »

Tips & Ideas For Decorating a Small Living Area

Decorating a small living area can be a challenge; you want the room to look as spacious as possible.  You also want plenty of walking space for your family and guests.  It is possible to make your living room look twice the size it actually is; the tips and ideas below will help you design … Continue Reading »

Decorating Your Living Room in Eclectic Style

Many people believe decorating in an eclectic manner makes your home look mixed up, confusing or or simply uncoordinated.  When done correctly, the eclectic theme can be the most appealing and beautiful ever, allowing you to incorporate all of the items you love in to a single room with outstanding results. Balancing color is essential … Continue Reading »

Country Western Decorating – A Warm, Rich Look for Any Living Room

You may think that country and western decor are two separate decorating themes, but think about how one complements the other.  On a farm, which is usually considered country, you often find horses and cowboys – which are western!  The two go together perfectly; below, you will find some great ideas for creating the country … Continue Reading »

Add Cozy Appeal with a Southwestern Decorating Theme

Are you getting bored with your current living room decor?  If you’re ready to warm and spice things up a bit, the southwestern theme may be what you’re looking for.  This style of decorating offers plenty of color and gives a warm, welcoming feeling to the room.  The look is relaxed and cozy; bold splashes … Continue Reading »

Creating a Beautiful Living Room on a Budget

Are you tired of the looks or layout of your living room but don’t have the budget to start over from scratch?  Many people want to decorate their living rooms, but some simply cannot afford it considering today’s economic climate.  Now you can decorate your living room at little or no cost. When most people … Continue Reading »

Incorporating Brown and Teal for a Living Room that is Modern and Appealing

Today, modern decor is refreshing and attractive.  Two decades ago, most people would never dream of decorating a living room in shades of brown and teal; now, it’s one of the most appealing looks you can have if you love a clean, modern decor.  In this article, you will find many useful tips for incorporating … Continue Reading »