How to Decorate a Traditional Kitchen: Top Tips for Creating a Timeless Space

Traditional decorating may seem like a no-brainer, you just choose standard decorating items, right? The truth is that “standard” doesn’t exist. The fun thing about decorating is that today’s definition of traditional comes from a blend of stylistic approaches. Standard and traditional are not synonymous- nor does the term “normal” or “average” have a place … Continue Reading »

The Tuscan Style Kitchen Offers Old-World Charm and a Taste of Italy

Nothing is quite as relaxing and intimate as a Tuscan style kitchen.  The look is warm and inviting, rich and filled with natural elements.  Whether you are building a new home or simply want to give new life to an older kitchen, you will find this decor theme beautiful and comfortable. Many families spend more … Continue Reading »

Spruce Up Your Kitchen With 1940’s Vintage Appeal

Nothing is quite as inviting and comfortable as a 1940’s style retro kitchen.  The look is quite easy to achieve, and the blend of all things vintage and modern makes for an appearance that is original and appealing.  The warmth such a room exudes makes for a kitchen and dining area that is comfortable, relaxing, … Continue Reading »

Easy and Affordable Kitchen Decorating Tips

While you probably thought your kitchen decor was beautiful when you first designed it, after a few years it begins to get a bit old and dull; you’re ready for a change, but you don’t have the money for a complete remodeling job.  In this article, you will discover some great tips for transforming your … Continue Reading »

Create Your Dream Kitchen on a Shoestring Budget

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects you can take on in your home.  In fact, having a professional complete the renovations can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on what you have done. You can do much of the renovation yourself and save a bundle of money.  For … Continue Reading »

Kitchen Decorating: Designing a Retro or Vintage Style Kitchen

While some decorating themes go out of style, many come back in with a vengeance!  Today, a retro 1950’s style kitchen is back and better than ever.  Known for a clean look and bright colors, the look brings to mind those old diners like those featured in the television show Happy Days and the movie … Continue Reading »

Bring a Touch of Europe to Your Home with a Bistro-Style Kitchen

If you love the look and ambiance which a European bistro or cafe has to offer, you can incorporate the look in your own kitchen.  The atmosphere is sophisticated while warm and exquisite.  If you’re tired of the current decor in your kitchen and dining room, these tips and ideas will help you create a … Continue Reading »