3 Tips on How to Modernize a Nursery without Losing Traditional Elements

Say “so long” to those frilly, ruffle crib sheets, gingham basket weave bassinets or those little geese who wear bonnets on your wallpaper border- today’s modern mother has a much wider range of decorating options available when determining her nursery’s style than her mother did. What used to be either pink or blue has reached … Continue Reading »

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Whether you are a mother of four or have just one bundle of joy, sometimes you need help with original ideas with which to decorate a child’s bedroom.  From babies to teens, decorating any bedroom can present a challenge.  For those who don’t have that much of an imagination or simply need a little motivation, … Continue Reading »

Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget

It’s amazing how much money people end up spending decorating a nursery. Fortunately, you can have a stylish baby nursery without spending a fortune. You can create the baby room of your dreams within a limited budget with just a little creativity. Here are some suggestions regarding how to create a great nursery while saving … Continue Reading »

Tips for Decorating a Kid’s Room

Decorating your child’s room is not always the easiest job. It may be that your child is really too young to let you know what they want. Or perhaps they don’t really have an interest in what their room looks like. Or you may have the opposite problem and your child has so many ideas … Continue Reading »

5 Tips for Decorating a Baby Nursery for New Parents

Many new parents quickly start thinking about how they are going to decorate the baby’s nursery. Decorating a baby nursery is certainly a lot of fun, but there are some essential things that new parents need to keep in mind concerning the decorating process. 1. Keep Safety in Mind at All Times When decorating your … Continue Reading »

4 Tips for Creating a Child’s Bathroom

Most bathrooms are designed for adults. But if you have a kids’ bathroom in your home, you might have to adjust your focus when it comes to decorating. It’s not that difficult to create a bathroom perfect for a child, particularly if you remember who you are decorating for and address any problems your children … Continue Reading »

Decorating Ideas for Playrooms

A child’s playroom provides a room in the house where a child can have fun and enjoy having his or her own space. Not only that, but it allows you to get your child’s toys out of sight and into one room. However, this doesn’t mean that the playroom should not have functional decorating. By … Continue Reading »