Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas: How to Make Your Bedroom A Get-Away

Whether you are a new homeowner that is decorating their master bedroom for the first time, or you are a parent that has been spending all of their decorating efforts in the nursery and living space, there comes a time when a master bedroom needs to become your get away from the hustle and bustle … Continue Reading »

How to Decipher if Design Elements are the “Right Style”?

The options for decorating the interior of your home are much like the cycles in fashion. One-minute paint is in, and then the next wallpaper is making a comeback.  While the ‘70s super-mod furniture style may have seemed outlandish in the 90’s it has now been reinvented and is hitting the design magazines again as … Continue Reading »

The Stages of Great Decorating: How Staggering your Changes can Bring About the Best Results

It is very exciting to see a room that you have been working on come together in those final stages of decoration. The colors pop, the furniture has been updated and positioned perfectly, the lighting highlights the right angles, and the accessories add that personalized finishing touch. However, the moment that a room comes together … Continue Reading »

Color Code and Pattern Personality: How to Decipher Your’s for the Best Choices in Décor

In design, it is amazing how the little things can make all of the difference. From a simple throw pillow to a thoughtful art piece, it is the accents in a room that can really highlight your beautiful furniture or lofty ceilings. If you don’t understand how to use accessories to your advantage you will … Continue Reading »

Accessories 101: How Choosing the Right Accents Can Change a Room Entirely

One of the most common mistakes that people make when decorating their home is over-accessorizing. For some of us, a hobby or collection can overwhelm a space and can leave it looking more like a museum or an antique store than a living room. While, it is perfectly fine to collect certain items, it takes … Continue Reading »

Top Color Palettes for Home Decorating

Every year, trends in home decorating change a bit with regards to popular colors.  Last year, turquoise was all the rage, perhaps due to a declining economy.  Turquoise is a color that stands for compassion and healing, and is inspired by the sky and water.  This year, things are changing in a big way as … Continue Reading »