Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas: How to Make Your Bedroom A Get-Away

Whether you are a new homeowner that is decorating their master bedroom for the first time, or you are a parent that has been spending all of their decorating efforts in the nursery and living space, there comes a time when a master bedroom needs to become your get away from the hustle and bustle … Continue Reading »

Do-it-Yourself Tips for Transforming a Bedroom on a Budget

You want your bedroom to be beautiful, relaxing and comfortable.  If you’re tired of the current look but cannot afford a complete remodel, there are many affordable, small touches you can add that make a noticeable impact.  This article offers a few tips and ideas to help make your tired bedroom a beautiful, relaxing retreat … Continue Reading »

Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you’re tired of the present decor in your bedroom, there are plenty of affordable ways to give it a new look!  You don’t have to buy new furniture, replace the carpet or add expensive artwork.  This article offers tips and ideas for giving your bedroom a fresh new look without spending much money. Change … Continue Reading »

Creating a Romantic Brown and Blue Bedroom Theme

The colors brown and blue are perfect for decorating a bedroom in a relaxing, romantic setting.  These colors are neither too masculine or feminine, so they are the perfect choice for a room where you relax, sleep and romance your significant other. When the right shades of brown and blue are chosen, the look is … Continue Reading »

Creating a Feminine, Frilly Bedroom For Your Little Princess

Designing a feminine, frilly bedroom for a little girl is something that can be easily accomplished.  Some girls love all of the lace, ruffles and pink you can find!  If your little princess loves all things pink (or any pastel color for that matter), creating the look is simple. This article will give you some … Continue Reading »

Need Additional Sleeping Space? Transform Your Garage Into a Bedroom

Your family may have simply outgrown your home, or you may need an extra bedroom for those times when company stays over, no matter what the reason, you can convert your garage into one or more bedrooms fairly easily. If you still need protection for your car, consider a free-standing carport. Sketch out your plans … Continue Reading »