Creating a Country Cottage Style Bathroom

A country cottage style bathroom is the perfect blend of country and light airy floral elements.  Many of the items found in this type of decorating offer vintage appeal; the look is charming and old-fashioned, the perfect place to relax in a hot bubble bath after a long day. Whether you have a large decorating … Continue Reading »

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Give Your Small Bath a Spacious Look

In a small bathroom, adding accessories to give the room an elegant look may be out of the question because space is so limited.  Many bathrooms are very small, leaving room only to walk to the toilet, bathtub or sink.  If this is the case with your bath, there are plenty of ways to open … Continue Reading »

Have a Bathroom The Size of a Small Closet? Visually Double Its Size With These Tricks

Most people would love to have a large, spacious bathroom that could accommodate everything from a chair and accent table to a make-up vanity and large, lush plants; however, most bathrooms simply aren’t this spacious.  If you have a bathroom that has just enough room for you to turn around, these tips will help you … Continue Reading »