Budget Decorating Ideas for Your Entire Home

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Is your home getting a bit weary looking?  If you’re tired of the decor you have had for years, you can freshen up every room without spending a bundle of money!  Whether it’s your kitchen, living room, bath or bedroom (or a combination of them all) that could use an update, you will find some great ideas in this article for creating a fresh new look on a pauper’s budget!

Paint – a single solution for every room

There is no single trick to giving your home an entirely new look that is as affordable as paint.  With paint, you can accomplish many things; changing colors, adding texture or making a small room look large.

In the bathroom, use a soft white or pastel color to brighten and enlarge the room.  For the kitchen, consider using shades that blend with your decor; paint baseboards and trim a contrasting color for noticeable appeal.  Stencil on some fresh fruit or country accents, and your kitchen takes on an entirely new look!

Furniture – in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room DIY tips make it easy!

Furniture is a large investment for most families.  If you can afford it, go ahead and purchase new furnishings for those rooms you wish to update.  If you’re on a tight budget, here are a few tricks that will help you change the look of your current furniture.

For old-fashioned appeal – paint your accent and end tables in antique white or country blue, then lightly sand edges for a “worn” look.  Love cottage chic?  Stencil delicate floral patterns around doorknobs on cabinets and drawer pulls.

Want a modern, updated look?  Consider slip covers for your sofa and chairs.  Today, slip covers fit snugly so that you get a sleek, modern look instead of a messy “sheet thrown over the couch” look.  Choose solid colors, delicate or bold patterns depending on your preference.

Create a new bedroom!

In the bedroom, update the look of your bed by placing fabric over your headboard and foot board.  This can be denim, striped or checked patterns – anything you like.  Use beads or even sheets for the windows; colored or patterned sheets make great curtains – just drape them casually over a curtain rod, leaving a swath of fabric loose in the middle for a swag effect.

Paint a mural on the wall, or use a sponging or rag-rolling technique to add texture.

Your kitchen – the “hub” of your home

The kitchen is often the easiest room to re-decorate without spending a bundle.  Use new hand towels as curtains for the windows!  Simply hang a sturdy wire across the top of the window, choose hand towels in a color or theme that suits your decor, and attach them with wooden clothes pins for charm and country appeal.

Need new cabinets?  This can be a HUGE expense.  Sand your old cabinets, then stain or paint any color you like and follow up with polyurethane to protect the finish.  Add new cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls, and you have brand new cabinets – without the expense.

These are just a few ideas you can use in your home to freshen and update your look.  A new shower curtain in the bathroom makes a big difference; create your own centerpiece for the dining room table made from a bamboo basket or ceramic bowl filled with twigs, fruit, fresh flowers or whatever you like!  Put your creativity to work, and you will come up with dozens of easy ideas for transforming every room in your home.

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