Black and White Decorating Themes – Anything But Boring!

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While you might feel that decorating your home in black and white sounds a bit boring, it’s actually anything but!  While black is a bit daring and bold, white is innocent, airy and light – the perfect contrast in both atmosphere and color.  It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer an ultra-modern look or a chic cottage design.  When used the right way and balanced with other accents, the look is timeless and appealing.

Bring high contrast with white walls

White walls help “set off” black furniture.  While the white walls give the room an open, spacious look, the black furnishings contrast to create an interesting, unique look.  Consider trimming walls out in black; baseboards and door trim painted in black or smoky dark gray set the walls off and add further appeal.

Choosing fabrics and patterns

If you’re going for a modern or contemporary look, consider silky, shiny fabrics and nubby textures for contrast.  Circles, squares and other geometric shapes are great for a modern look.

If cottage chic is your thing, choose feminine lacy fabrics and white cotton.  Floral patterns are perfect in this style of decorating.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns.  Checks, stripes and florals look great together as long as the colors complement one another and no one pattern overwhelms the room.

Add architectural elements to really liven things up

Consider the other things you can do with black and white to jazz things up a bit.  Black wainscoting on the walls can add elegance, while black and white floor tiles can provide a retro look and feel.  In the bath and kitchen, black cabinets look modern and sleek; if you prefer a cottage chic style, white cabinets work best with a few smaller black accents thrown in the mix.

Many people enjoy a “safari” look, which is easy to achieve.  Think of a white tiger or zebra, and use these patterns in your decorating.  Pictures, rugs, statues, thrown pillows, lamps – you can find tons of accents today with an African or zebra motif.  Add a few large plants to complete the “jungle” appeal.

Here’s the real surprise – bring your rooms to life with a bold splash of color

So, now you’re wondering just what all of that black and white will look like, and whether it will get old fast.  Not if you liven it up with bright shades or lime green, canary yellow or peacock blue!

Splashing a little color here and there adds a vibrant and energetic touch to a black and white room.  Choose colored pillows, rugs, window treatments or lampshades to incorporate a bright, bold color in the room which will really capture the attention of all who visit your home – but only use one of these colors to keep the look balanced.

Black and white is far from boring as you can see.  The main thing to remember is to use black and white on the largest areas and furnishings in the room, then incorporate patterns, texture and a splash of additional color through accents and accessories.  Have a blast creating a fabulous new look for your home!

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