Bedroom Decorating Tips and Tricks

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If you’re looking for easy ways to freshen up your bedroom or give it a new look, the tips and ideas in this article will help.  You really don’t have to suffer through an entire bedroom makeover to add a fresh new appeal to the room!  A few simple changes can make a dramatic difference – learn how.

Pile on the pillows

Nothing equals the splash of color and texture that can be achieved with throw pillows.  Don’t be shy when decorating the top of your bed – pile them on!  Stripes, florals, even geometrics can be used in combination, as long as the colors blend or contrast in an appealing, eye-catching manner.

Decorate the walls with unusual items

Have an old quilt that is a family heirloom?  Display it on the wall behind your bed for a striking look.  Use bed linens that complement the quilt, and the look is one of pure originality.

Create a wall arrangement using only mirrors.  Medium sized mirrors work well; choose oval, square, triangle or round mirrors and arrange them in an abstract manner.  Not only will this create a unique look, it will visually expand the size of the room and reflect light.

Be innovative with creative accessories

Do you currently have a solid colored lampshade on the nightstand lamp?  Consider a shade that is totally modern and printed in bold, brightly colored patterns.

For the windows, use tassels for tiebacks – or use sheets that match your bedding, casually draped for an elegant look.

If you have pictures of your family hanging on walls or sitting on the dresser, consider replacing them with black and white photos for old-time charm and appeal.  A striking look can be achieved by framing black and white photos in sleek, boldly colored frames in shades of red, flame yellow or neon green.

Place a translucent colored bowl on the nightstand and fill it with wildflowers, pine cones, marbles, twigs, and any other natural elements you like.

Arrange your furniture in a different manner

Sure, we have all rearranged our bedroom furniture and there are only so many ways to do this.  Have you ever considered placing your bed at an angle?  By putting the headboard diagonally across a corner in the room, you create a stunning focal point – and possibly free up more space as well.

This creates truly beautiful look, as everything in the room isn’t on a “square”, or lined up straight along the walls.

If your nightstand is covered with a book, alarm clock and other “necessities”, try using a floor lamp placed by the wall behind your nightstand for a light that illuminates the area well.  This is perfect if you like to read in bed, and saves space on top of your nightstand for those other essentials.

Brighten up the room with an area rug or two.  Whether you have carpet, tile or a wood floor, accent rugs work to contribute additional color and warm up the space.  Use brightly colored patterns if you like a cheery look; warm colors are relaxing and comfortable.  Anything that suits the decor will work.

There are literally hundreds of small things you can do to give your bedroom a different look!  Look at your bedroom from an outsider’s perspective.  What could look better?  Where do you need a splash of color?

Put these tips to work in your bedroom, come up with a few ideas of your own, and soon you will have a brand new look for the room where you relax, read and rejuvenate your body.

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