Are you Color-Phobic? How to Pick the Right Color without Anxiety

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It can be a scary scene. You are standing in front of the paint swatches at your local home improvement store. Your eyes dart back and forth between the massive rainbow colored wall in front of you and the measly fabric swatch you brought in. As your eye drowns in a sea of possibility, your mind is aching from over stimulation.

The overwhelming anxiety that can come from choosing between “butter cream” and “butternut” can have even the most colorful of folks squinting to define a difference. However, even if your palms are damp with sweat from decision anxiety every time you almost commit to a paint color, here are a few ways to help you choose the perfect palette without the panic attack.

Be Narrow Minded

Choosing a color for your room is not a simple task. With endless color options, the varieties in hues, undertone, texture, and finish its no wonder that some of us declare, “color phobia” and leave our walls a flat white. However, if you are have decided that despite your previous failed attempts at choosing the perfect color that now is the time to add a much needed punch to your dull space, here are a few ways to help narrow down the options and save your sanity in the process.

Commit to a tone

If you have decided that you want green on your walls, you have to commit to what tone of green you want before you head to the paint store. Take items around your home to remind you: a pillow you love, that creamy silk pashmina from your closet, or even a favorite picture from a magazine. These are all clues as to what tone fits you best. Some greens have bluish undertones while others have yellow and even gray, so make sure the color that you choose is neutral enough to accommodate your furniture, but also make sure it isn’t too pale.

Bring these inspirational items with you to the paint store. Ask a professional at the paint counter to help you match those items with a paint color and be very narrow minded in your approach. Be firm and explain that you don’t want to entertain any other tones of green just the ones that match what you have brought. That way you can avoid being subjected to yet another bout of color confusion and walk away empty-handed.

-Paint one wall first

If you have had trouble committing to a color in the past, don’t be alarmed if and when you start painting that you begin to see spots or second-guess your choice. This is a very common response to painting new color. If you are beginning to wonder if “silent seaweed” really is the color for you, paint an entire wall or two and live with the color for a few days.

If you still feel like the color was improperly matched, then you should feel free to return to the drawing board. In most cases, it is simply the change that you haven’t’ gotten used to, not the color itself.

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