Adding Color to a Room with Fabric

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Could your rooms use a little extra spice and energy?  Dull, bland rooms offer little appeal to you or your visitors.  Fabric can be used in many ways to liven up a room and add depth!  Create a beautiful, welcoming home with color, fabric and texture.  It’s easy to do, and will transform your home from plain to exquisite.  This article offers tips and ideas for adding richness and exciting bursts of color to your home.

When it comes to fabrics and colors, there are a few rules you should follow to make your rooms their most beautiful and appealing.

Where to Add Fabrics & Color
Color can really ‘punch up’ a room!  The easiest way to add interest to your living room without spending too much money is with throw pillows, window treatments and tapestries.  Throw pillows should be combined in interesting patterns.  For example, a solid color throw pillow combined with a large print and small print pillow creates a pleasing look.  The sofa isn’t the only place for throw pillows!  Toss a few that are over-sized on the floor for extra seating.

Tapestries are rich looking and offer intricate patterns with pleasing texture.  Place a large tapestry that complements the other colors of your décor on one wall.  This can serve as the focal point of the room.

Rich, colorful fabrics hung around the windows add a burst of color as well.  A simple fabric panel or valance helps pull the room together.  Consider adding fabric to your lampshades and placing runners on your coffee or end tables that offer color and interesting patterns.

Creating the Right Mix of Pattern and Color
Generally, three colors should be used to decorate a room.  In most cases, 60% of the room should be decorated in a dominant color, while the other two make up the other 40%.  This creates the perfect balance of color, and allows one color to stand out as the base for adding more color and pattern.

To make things easier when you are selecting your patterns, start with the large scale pattern first.  This will help direct your search when you choose your solid and small scale pattern.  Years ago, homeowners wouldn’t dream of mixing floral, plaid and striped patterns.  Now, a combination of patterns is all the rage!  The interest and appeal cannot be matched.

If you choose a floral pattern as your large scale choice, your solid color should be selected from your floral pattern.  Your other small scale pattern should contain predominantly your three color choices for the room.  This small scale pattern can be plaid, geometric or striped, whichever suits your tastes.

Just remember, three colors create the most beautiful rooms, and keep them looking fresh and coordinated.  Choose fabrics with rich textures for windows, throw pillows and other accents.   Add solid colored ceramic pots filled with natural flowers, herbs or other greenery to finish balancing the room.  Stick to the solid/small print/large print rule, and you will have the most beautiful rooms ever – with very little effort.  When it comes to color and fabric, don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit!

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