Foyer Phenomenon: How to Turn Your First-Impression Space into A Stunner

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When you first enter a home it’s no secret that the first impression is the strongest one. Whether it’s a sparkling chandelier or a bright accent wall, there should always be an element of drama present when you first open the door. For those whose floor plans include a foyer, this is an excellent space to make the most of that awe factor. Here are a few tricks of the trade to turn an otherwise awkward entryway into a breathtaking precursor to the rest of your home!

Use the Space You Have 

Most hallways, foyers, or entryways tend to sit empty. While the echo of a distant “hello” can be alluring in some ways, if you want to create a home that is cozy and calming, it is best to make every space- no matter how small or oddly-shaped into a space that is easily utilized. Bring in some table and chairs, a skinny side table, a few chunky baskets for shoes or a couple of unique hooks for coats and hats.

Thematic Elements

Choose a theme for the entry that will continue to unfold in the rest of the home. If your foyer leads into the kitchen and you have a Tuscan theme waiting, bring in some rustic urns or hang a painting of the landscape above the stairwell or on the first wall to welcome visitors.

For those that love the country style of decorating, consider buying a stack of old apple boxes or an old wagon and fill it up with some potted plants, or use either as a place to hold their shoes. The foyer is the place for your guests to get comfortable, so providing them with a place to put their shoes or coats is just the way to make that happen.

Swank, Swill & the Right Scent 

For those of you who like to throw swanky parties, the foyer is the perfect place to bring in a mini bar. That way before you guests even enter the party they can have a signature cocktail in hand. A fun way to create a “mixer” is to set out all of the tools that your guests will need to make their own drink. Having a Bloody Mary bar is a great way for people to interact with one another and try their hand at making the best version of whatever ingredients you’ve supplied.

If you are not the drinking kind, then you can create you own sense of swank by simply having the perfect scent. Consider bringing in an antique table, or purchasing one that has the right dimensions for the space. Decorate it with an array of candles or diffusers. Make sure that the majority of the candles are unscented, and just invest in a few that have a scent. That way you don’t overpower your entryway with too many smells.

It has been proved that the sense of smell can evoke emotion and feeling more than any other sense we have. Comforting and calming scents include vanilla, lavender and of course anything that smells like fresh baked cookies.

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