5 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

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A kitchen is arguably the busiest place in a home. As a gathering place and the source of sustenance, cabinets and counters end up holding everything from mail to keys, to the latest art project or letters from the school, or quick snacks for the family to pack with lunches. Here are five tips to keep your kitchen running like clockwork.

Create a Lunch Cabinet
Put all the lunch bags and read-to-go snacks in one convenient place and the morning routines will be a snap for the whole household. A small whiteboard on the inside of the cabinet can be used for snack refill requests or to leave notes to direct family to cold snacks in the fridge. Make sure you put your plastic zip-top bags in there along with plastic utensils.

Create a Container Cabinet
There’s nothing more annoying than having a million plastic containers and one lid (which fits none of them!). A standing magazine holder can be attached to the door of the cabinet or set inside to hold all your lids.

Old Wine Racks Serve a New Purpose
Just about any kind of wine rack will work for this trick, and you can find inexpensive ones at any discount store. Placed inside a cabinet, your water bottles and to go coffee mugs can finally have their own home!

Storage for Those Paper Bags
Magazine holders to the rescue again! Paper bags and reusable bags slip right into this holder that can be mounted anywhere, from inside a cabinet door to inside a pantry on the wall.

Create a Family Communication Center
Remember those keys, mail, and papers from home? Utilize a wall in your kitchen that is just for those items. A chalkboard integrated with a mail holder and key holder is a great start. You can find these anywhere online, to fit almost any style of home décor. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, so you may even find an antique one at a flea market that you can make over. The board is also a great place for schedules and chore lists.

You can mount hard-case or wire file-folder holders to the wall next to it with a person’s name neatly labelled for each member of the family. This way, instead of dumping everything on the counter (where it will inevitably be thrown out in a fit of organizational panic) small items and papers can go to the person they are intended for!

As a bonus, create a file folder that goes into your family’s filing cabinet and have each child pick their favorite homework assignments to keep. When the file is full, they’ll have to sort through it and decide what to keep and what to throw away. At year end, package the folder up and add it to their keepsake box.

Start your new year off right with these few organizational tricks and you’ll be set up to succeed for the rest of the year!