5 Signs You Need a Kitchen Makeover

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The kitchen is one of the most highly used rooms in the home, and every so often, a makeover is necessary. Here are five indicators that it may be time.

1. Your Appliances Are Dated
If your appliances came with your house, or they have been giving you a mounting list of issues lately, it may be time. It’s also worth considering that older appliances tend to consume more energy than newer models. Rather than do a slow roll to total replacement one appliance at a time, consider a full refresh.

Buying more appliances at once also gives you greater bargaining power at the store, which may allow you to get a great package deal. Plus, there are many new appliance finish choices on the market! The selection has never been better.

2. Your Cabinets Are Dated or Have Seen Better Days
If your cabinets are worn around the edges or the finish has started to wear, you may want to consider updating them. If the organization of your cabinets isn’t an issue, you may be able to reface them. For 2018, the trend is smooth finishes and a clean European sensibility. Warm wood and darker cabinets are a great refresh.

Bonus: If you are simply refacing and not changing your kitchen configuration, you won’t have to do new measurements for your appliances.

3. Your Flooring Is on Its Last Legs
Cracked tiles? Outdated color or style? Perhaps the flooring style wasn’t the best choice for the amount of traffic your kitchen gets? A change in flooring can make a big difference in your kitchen. Especially with new cabinets and appliances!

4. The Design of Your Kitchen Overall Isn’t Working
Did you have to add a few more freestanding cabinets? Rolling cabinets? Do you have to get appliances or pans from another location in your home because you have no room in your kitchen? It might be time to reboot your kitchen floorplan. If you’ve gone through your cabinets and done a purge and still need more room, then booking a design consultation may be the next step.

5. You Are Thinking of Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your home in the next 5-10 years, depending on your market, it may be wise to invest in a kitchen makeover. However, let that impending sale guide your design choices: keep it neutral and the finishes understated. A modest remodel with the focus on function, solid appliances, and up to date materials can go a long way to standing out on the market, but don’t dig a debt hole to get it done. Kitchen remodels don’t get the returns on investment they used to, and it may not be necessary in your market to get a good price.

If you can check off each of these five signs, a good place to start is with a designer. Getting a professional to look at your current layout and make some suggestions is a smart time investment. Many designers do an initial consult for free or a one-time fee that is deducted off the overall service.