4 Creative Ways to Display Art in Your Home

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ArtworkIf you have a favorite piece of art but are unsure as to how to display it, there are a couple of different options to choose from. You can easily go beyond simply hanging the piece of artwork on the wall. Choose from one of these creative ways to display your art instead.

Use Ribbon to Hang Art on the Wall
Rather than simply putting a nail in the wall, use ribbon to hang the art from the wall instead. Carefully choose your ribbon so that it adds to the art and complements it well. Hang ribbon either from a hook or screw in the middle of the back of the art piece or from both sides. Then place a hook on the wall or use a small nail to hang the ribbon from. Look to make sure that the artwork is hanging evenly, especially if you are using more than one ribbon to hang it by.

Place Artwork on a Decorative Shelf
A great place to display art is on a decorative shelf. You should be able to find all different types of decorative shelves and ledges that will add to the beauty of the piece of art you want to display.

You want to be sure that the shelf you choose is the appropriate size for the piece you are going to display. Instead of displaying only one piece, you might also choose to display a collection of art on the shelf. Before placing any artwork on your shelf or ledge, it’s important to be sure that it’s properly installed on the wall.

Use a Fireplace Mantel to Display Art
Do you have a nice fireplace mantel in your home? Why not draw even more attention to your mantel by placing a piece of artwork on it? Try placing the piece on the mantel, up against the wall, instead of hanging it above.

You want the art piece to be smaller than the mantel, but you don’t want it so small that you can’t really see it. If the artwork is small, try placing two or three smaller pieces on the mantel for a unique look, rather than just the one. Do be sure to secure the piece of art so it won’t fall down off the mantel.

Find Unique Hangers for the Art
There are many different things you can use to hang artwork that you probably haven’t even thought of. Your favorite stocking holder makes a great hanger. Simply nail it to the wall and use it to hold your favorite piece of art.

You might also use a rope or chain that hangs from the ceiling or the top of the wall. One piece can be hung from it or several pieces. Hang the artwork either vertically or horizontally, depending on the length of the wall. By hanging your pieces of art across a blank wall, you are essentially creating something like a clothesline.

You don’t have to keep displaying pieces of art in your home in the same old boring ways. Whatever the style or theme of your décor is, there are plenty of creative and crafty ways to display art in your home. So get creative and use one of these ideas to display art in your home.

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