3 Tips on How to Modernize a Nursery without Losing Traditional Elements

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Say “so long” to those frilly, ruffle crib sheets, gingham basket weave bassinets or those little geese who wear bonnets on your wallpaper border- today’s modern mother has a much wider range of decorating options available when determining her nursery’s style than her mother did.

What used to be either pink or blue has reached an entirely new level of sophistication where pale greens, neutral creams and even slate grays can make a child’s nursery into a space where your child can practically live and function- and you won’t feel like you stepped into Ronald McDonald’s play land.

However, bringing the miracle of new life into this world and “nesting” that nursery is a right of passage, and some of those old throw-backs such as vintage toys, hand-knit blankets and sentimental art is still in style and can actually add personal flair in a traditional way to any nursery. So, how do you blend the old and the new? Here are a few tips:

1. Stay Far Away From “Themed” Nurseries 

It is so tempting to create a princess room or an Winnie the Pooh motif, but if you are seriously concerned about the design and flow of your home, there is a way to bring in certain aspects of “themed” rooms to make your nursery less typecast and more open for interpretation. If you love one certain element, for example owls or the zoo motif- choose one bold accessory or art piece that will act as your inspiration piece.

From there, choose more neutral throw pillows, crib bedding and accents that fit in the same color palette but that are less demanding to the eye.

2. Subtle is Savvy

Cultivating a child’s imagination is what their room should be all about.  Bring in creative ways to modernize the nursery. Your son may love the lion exhibit at the zoo, but instead of focusing on primary colored paint or circus wallpaper consider buying a durable grass cloth wallpaper that can “stand in” for a tall grass jungle.

If you want to bring in a nautical theme, purchase some old navigational maps and frame them, or buy a lighted globe that represents the world which the ancient explorers discovered. These subtle ways of bringing in your overall scheme won’t be as overpowering but just as powerful.

3. Fall in Love With Your Baby’s Room 

Remember that the nursery is a place where the baby will live. In the traditional sense, it should be a reflection of the both of you and how you came to love each other and now this child. This is where you can bring in some traditional elements like the father’s baby booties, or the mother’s first handprints.

Adding a tip of the hat to the parents alongside the photos of your new family member makes a very traditional but unconventional addition to the room. No matter what style you choose- modern, vintage, shabby chic, or mid century- fall in love with the room that you decorate, because it is a reflection of this new and exciting time in your life!

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