3 Quick and Easy Tips for Decorating with Artwork on a Budget

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Zion PosterArtwork is one of the most popular ways to decorate a home. But most people believe that in order for artwork to look good, it has to be expensive. Yet this is not the case. You can easily find ways to decorate your home with inexpensive art that still results in a wonderfully decorated room. If you are on a budget and still want to include art in your home décor, then here are some great ways to add interest and character to your home without spending much money.

Find Free Artwork around the House
With a quick look around your home, you are sure to find many pieces that can easily be framed to create a beautiful addition to a room. Keep an eye out for such things as: hanging calendars with pictures, postcards, greeting cards, and even a decorative flag. You can even add something special to some of these pieces to make them look more professional: simply matte them with matting board in the frame.

Look to Nature for Art Pieces
Quite a few different things from nature can be framed in a shadow box or even a matted frame. For instance, you can frame a collage you’ve created from pressed flowers and leaves. Other items from nature such as sea shells, seeds, pinecones, branches, and flowers can all be used as pieces of art. It may take a little creativity to design a collage using these items, but your efforts will be well worth it, as you will end up with a piece of artwork that fits your style perfectly.

Take Your Own Photographs for Your Artwork
If you have your own camera or can borrow one from a friend to take your own pictures, then the possibilities are endless for creating art for your home. After all, you can take pictures of just about anything: from flowers and trees, to houses and the sky . If you really want to get creative, you can use a photo editing website and develop the pictures in black and white or sepia. Have the photographs developed in the proper size, regardless of whether you enlarge them or print them in normal size.

If you have an empty wall you need to fill, you can buy matching frames in different sizes and arrange the photographs on the wall. If you’re not that creative, then enlist the help of a friend to take photos or go the more traditional route and take pictures of your family to hang on the walls.

If you get creative, you will be able to come up with any type of artwork for your home that matches your budget. Without much difficulty, you can turn everyday objects into pieces of art. Look through any illustrated books you have and see if there’s a picture you can frame and hang to fit the style of your room. Items like fabric swatches, buttons, magazine clippings, and other small things you run across can be used to make a collage for a shadowbox or frame. Take the time to look around your house and yard. If you use what you have, you will find that there are many possibilities for inexpensive artwork that can be displayed in your home.

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