Common Misconceptions of Log Cabin Ownership

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, August 21, 2017

    When it comes to owning a log cabin, many people have the wrong idea. First of all, you can’t just move right into a cabin and treat it as if you are living in a traditional home, you will only end up in a world of disaster if you try to do so. Cabin ownership does come with a lot of responsibility when it comes to caring for your cabin, maintaining its structure and keeping it looking good.

    Myth #1: Log Homes are More Expensive Than Traditional Homes
    This is the most popular misconception and is far from the truth. Log cabins vary greatly in price and can come as cheap as $12,000 for a single family log cabin kit, or be as much as a couple million dollars. The same applies to a traditional brick and mortar home. The price is based on how large the home is, what modern efficiencies you want to take advantage of and the materials you choose to build your home with. You should also note that the cost of labor for building a log cabin is significantly different than that of a traditional home because a log home can be assembled much faster than building a Bungalow or Craftsman style home.

    Myth #2: Log Cabins Cost a Lot to Maintain
    The cost of maintenance for a log cabin depends greatly on how much work you put into your home during the initial build, and how well you protect the wood from the elements and insects. When designed properly, log homes are much easier to maintain than traditional homes. Keep the exterior walls stained and sealed using methods recommended by your home builder. Although wood does rot, it will only happen when exposed to excessive moisture. A well designed and properly maintained log home will have proper drainage techniques in place as well as lots of exposure to sunlight.

    This, along with proper sealing of the exterior logs, will help keep moisture as well as insects out. A big misconception is that wood-boring insects are attracted to all kinds of wood, but this is not true for cabins that are very well maintained. The number one way to prevent an infestation of wood-boring insects from the start is to build your home with seasoned logs that still have their bark. Staying on top of the maintenance of your home is a sure-fire way to protect your investment.

    Myth #3: Log Homes Are Not Energy Efficient
    Lastly, the most popular wrong idea of living in a log home is that these homes are not energy efficient compared to other styles of homes. This is false, in fact, log homes that are built properly are very well insulated. One way to know for sure how energy efficient your homes is is to find out the cabin’s R-value, which measures resistance to heat flow.
    Owning a log home is a big commitment, but it's one that you can easily take on when you know the facts. If you dream of owning a log home, take some time to evaluate not only what you are looking for, but how you want to live in it, as well as where you want to build it. Having all the information in hand can ensure you make a well informed and educated decision about your home purchase. 

    What You Need to Know Before Owning a Log Cabin

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Sunday, August 20, 2017

    Many homeowners dream of owning a beautiful log cabin but very few take the leap of faith and actually pursue the purchase of one. Before you venture out into the world of cabin ownership there are several very important things you should know about the care and maintenance of a log cabin.

    Location of Your Cabin
    Planning the location of your cabin is one of the most important aspects. The location has a dramatic impact on the comfort and style, and how much maintenance you will need to do.

    Basically, the cost of cabin ownership greatly depends on where you build it. When choosing a location you need to consider climate, the slope of the land, how wet or dry the area is, how many trees will be around your home and how much direct sunlight the cabin will receive. If the area is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, you will need to choose a cabin design that is not only very insulated, but also has a good heating system. The slope of the land is a huge factor because you want to keep water running away from your home and not accumulating around it to prevent mold and wood rot. Direct sunlight is also a factor because this will help improve how warm your home will stay in the winter and help keep the exterior logs dry and free of rot.

    Designing Your Log Cabin
    There are literally hundreds of different design options when it comes to building a cabin. What does the cabin of your dreams look like? Does it resemble the old fashioned, traditional one room cabin or is it much more modern and luxurious? The design you choose revolves around the location you choose for the cabin and how much maintenance you are willing to commit to.

    Plan your design around low-cost materials while still ensuring that you have an adequate living space. This will lower your cost to build and maintain.  Incorporating wraparound porches on the exterior of your home will help keep rain and other elements from hitting the exterior, thus extending the life of the wood. The design is just as important as the location.

    Maintenance Is a Big Part of Log Cabin Ownership
    A cabin that is not properly maintained will face a mountain of problems and ultimately will not stand the test of time. Washing the exterior of your home at least once a year with a soft bristle brush and a special soap recommended by the cabin’s manufacturer will extend the life of the exterior logs. As you wash the exterior walls, check for any peeling or chipping in the stain and sealer on the logs. If you see even one spot, it is time to restain and seal the logs to prevent insect and rot damage.

    If you are looking for a greener way of life without losing the comforts of a traditional home, log cabin ownership is the way to go. It is very important to understand that owning a log cabin is a lifetime commitment and requires a lot of dedicated effort to ensure the life of your cabin. 

    Painting Ceramic Tiles: The Dramatic Effect a Little Paint can Create

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, August 17, 2017

    You will find some great tips in this article if you're considering painting ceramic tiles but don't really know how to go about it. When painting ceramic tiles, you need to consider several factors. You need to take a few precautions, though they aren't anything big. It may be several weeks before the paint drys on your ceramic tiles, so you need to be sure to remember that. If you use these tips and trick you can make your home take on a different look.


    Everyone needs to take certain precautions in order to make sure that the paint they use adheres well and doesn't peel off. If the area that you're thinking about painting gets a lot of traffic you need to make sure to cover it with a nice rug. This way the risk of marring or peeling the paint because of dirt or shoes will be lessened. The moisture around a shower or sink will likely cause paint to peel, so you want to avoid painting in these areas.

    If you're patient your newly painted tiles will surely last; letting the tiles dry completely makes the very durable. You will be very pleased with the results if you take the necessary precautions and prepare properly. By painting your ceramic tiles you'll give the home a clean, modern feel. Sometimes it's these types of small changes that can greatly affect the appearance of your home and help increase its value.

    Painting tips

    When it comes to painting ceramic tile you need to keep a few tips and tricks in mind. You should only paint ceramic tiles that is on vertical surfaces or counter tops, this will help make sure that your hard work lasts much longer. You won't need any touch ups for years and you'll have very beautiful results if you simply use a top-quality 100% acrylic semi-gloss primer and paint. Make sure that the primer and paint are a bit thin, then you can add some light layers to the finish so that it will last. A few of the tools that you will need for the job will be paint brushes, sponges, high quality urethane, clean water, rubber gloves and rags.

    Have patience

    Although seeing the results of your work won't happen instantaneously when painting ceramic tiles, if you remain patient you'll be very happy with the finished product. This project isn't for you if you don't have patience or will find it hard to not walk on or use the surface that you have painted, for several weeks. If you want to get beautiful, professional results out of painting your ceramic tiles yourself just use the tips above. You will be glad that you followed directions and took precautions when you see the results of your efforts. Today, just about any surface in the home can be painted, even ceramic tiles can be given new life.

    Molding Miracles: How a Little Wainscoting Can Transform a Room

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, August 16, 2017

    Crown molding always takes center stage on any design show or house-hunting program on the air. From elaborate corner pieces, to perfectly placed chair rails; there is something to be said for adding such unique and luxurious finishing touches to a room.  Always a crowd favorite, here are some unique ways to bring molding into your master plan.

    Icing on the Cake: Crown Molding

    Even if you feel like your room is complete- the throw pillows are in the place, the accessories on par, and the lighting is superb, there is something to be said for the icing on the cake, the crown molding. Adding simple or elaborate molding to any room provides a design based stamp of approval. Nowadays, your options for detail on your molding are vast, but sometimes a simple clean line is all you need to take an already well designed room from great to grand.

    Doors, Fans, and Lights Oh My!

    Think that crown molding is only for floors or ceilings? Think again. Some of the most unique ways to incorporate crown molding is to use it for highlighting a certain light fixture, ceiling fan, or entryway. Adding molding around the edges of a light, or as a panel to add interest can make your light go from store bought to custom made. Adding thicker pieces of crown molding to edges of doorframes or even to doors make a cheap entry way or bedroom door look luxe.

    For the adventurous DIY-er, consider adding molding directly onto flat paneled doors. Doors that have several panels are very popular right now and can give antique or villa flair to your abode. Consider adding anywhere from 3 to 6 panels on a door by stapling, or gluing bright pieces of crown molding on to the surface. Play with color- a high gloss black molding looks impressive in modern spaces, or match the molding to the already existing hue of the door for a masterful blend of old and new.

    “Wow” with Wainscoting

    From castles to hotels, wainscoting can give any establishment an air of whimsy and old-world style. Whether you choose to coffer an entire ceiling or add a chunky molding to the bottom half of an entry way or dining room beneath a chair rail, it can break up boring wall colors and add elegance without adding color or overbearing elements to the room. A very royal addition, even a carefully placed sheet of inexpensive bead board on a kitchen island or an entryway storage unit can transform a simple space into something spectacular.

    No matter how you choose to use molding in your home, a project can be done on a budget. You can choose simple molding and paint or stain it yourself, and even cut the pieces yourself to save time and money. If you are any bit handy you can install even walls of wainscoting without having to bring in a contractor or a carpenter. While it takes attention to detail and good taste in molding styles, you can do a molding project on the cheap and still reap the beautiful benefits of having these finishing touches in your home. 

    Livening Up Your Living Room on a Budget

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Tuesday, August 15, 2017

    Have you grown tired of the way that your living room looks but don't have the option of starting from scratch because of a budget? Even though many people want to decorate their living rooms many don't because they can't afford it due to today's economic climate. Now you'll won't have to use much money to decorate your living room.

    When “re-decorating” comes into most people's mind, they think that they need to purchase all new items; however, buying new items isn't always the case. Simply redecorate by moving things that you have around and “de-cluttering” the room to make it appear more spacious and open. Freshening up and reviving the look of your living room doesn't mean that you have to go broke.

    Double the size of the room with these simple tricks

    If you want to make a room look larger than it is you need to clear out all unneeded items. The best course of action to take when it comes to having a bunch of boxes stacked up in one corner is throwing them away; however, you can also move the boxes to another room. This is very important in decorating; the less clutter there is, the more space that you have to showcase your most loved accents and accessories.

    You should also take placing a few pieces of furniture closer to walls in order to open up pathways to other room into consideration. The window coverings should be kept simple and light in order to avoid the dark, closed in look that is usually created by heavy drapes.

    Define your spaces

    Accent rugs can be used to define seating and conversation areas. You can make an area look a bit more spacious by choosing a light colored rug. Using a dark color can make the room reel more intimate and romantic which might give off the wrong vibe to any company that comes over. The colors of the rugs that you choose need to harmonize; whether they complement the other accents in the room, or contrast them it's all up to you.

    Balance your space by making sure that your walls are lighter than the floor. Wood floors can easily be made darker than the walls by staining them. Use a large area rug to add contrasting color if your floor is carpeting. Keep the area open and airy by displaying accents sparingly. Keep smaller accents together, it looks beautiful; however, when it comes to large accents you should display them in various areas of the room instead of keeping them together.

    Plants: An easy and affordable way to liven up a room

    Adding live plants to a room is a great way to give a room a more natural and breezy atmosphere. Silk plants have a nice look, and appear real; however, the sense of calm and tranquility that live plants can provide for a room can be matched by nothing. Plants are quite inexpensive and at times you can even get your start from your neighbor's plants for free. This is a very affordable way of accenting a room.

    Old furnishings should be used as much as possible. The gently worn distressed look is highly popular in today's time. If you've got some pieces that you no longer use, you should take transforming them into consideration. You can make a unique coffee table out of an old wooden door. All you need to go a long way in freshening up the look of your living room on a budget is some creativity and imagination.

    Window Treatment Time: How to Decide Which Window Coverings Are Best for You

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, August 14, 2017

    If you still have naked windows that are screaming for a little cover then now may be the time to consider your options. Aside from giving your room color and personality, window treatments can keep the sun from damaging your carpets or hard woods over time. They can also keep your room cool in hot months or keep warmth in on cold ones. They can be a part of an energy efficient plan as well as look great! Here are your most common options:


    Blinds are no longer only available in the boring paper accordion style. In fact from plantation style wood blinds to bamboo stick and eco friendly varieties, blinds are an oftentimes-inexpensive way to dress up a window without keeping all the light out entirely.

    While some “black out” blinds are great for keeping rooms considerably dark, you can also open them up to let a lot of light. Easy to clean and to install, blinds are perfect for the family who needs some good window coverage without the fuss of pattern choice or regular care.


    While cornices aren’t window treatments exactly, they are an excellent way to soften the look of drapes or curtains. Not only do they take away the pleated look at the top of most curtains or drapes but they also can add height to your existing drapes by drawing your eye to the ceiling line.


    No longer simply cornered into one color or texture, curtains have now become the architectural eyepiece of a living or bed room. Easy to change out, giving any room an updated look as time goes on, curtains are by far the most popular and timeless addition you can give to your windows.

    Roman Shades

    More for looks than for practicality, Roman Shades are the perfect way to add a pop, color or pattern to a window that doesn’t need full light coverage. While most Roman shades do fold down to cover the entire window, they are usually left in a half-up position to add a contemporary feeling to a room. Perfect for kitchen windows and for your formal living room, a Roman Shade is proof that you pay attention to detail and that you know a thing or two about adding personality to a room. Most are made to only go down half way as an accent to another window treatment.


    From modern panels to over-the-top, catch-your-eye draperies, you can make a bold statement with floor length drapes. The most dramatic of your window treatment choices, you can hang them with ornate tiebacks or let them free flow, spilling onto the floor. Whether formal or functional, drapes can be that element of drama that an over-simplified room may need or it can be an equalizer in a toned-down linen or monochromatic pattern.


    Well-known for their cottage, coastal style, shutters are finding their way into homes everywhere whether beach front or not. Most traditionally found in a bright white, they work wonderfully in bright and open spaces to add a bit of visual interest and throwback style. Found in an array of colors you can neutralize your room by adding a crisp sea glass shutter sequence, or a bright pop of red in a cozy country kitchen.

    How to Romanticize Your Bedroom: Easy Tips to Turn Your Space into a Gorgeous Getaway

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Sunday, August 13, 2017

    When it comes to giving your bedroom an old world flair, you don’t need drippy or scented candles (fire hazard, eek!) or a personal violinist to set the mood, instead you can turn any boring and uninspiring space into a romantic getaway with a little imagination.

    Depending on if you have kids or not, your bedroom may not be the getaway you imagined when you first moved in, and instead has become the only adult space in your entire house where you can stockpile items like that gaudy crystal decanter or that chunky bookcase with the super sharp edges which are not exactly child friendly.

    Instead of making your bedroom a place to store items or to simply get a good night’s sleep, consider these simple tips for turning your bedroom into a romantic rendezvous.

    Reinvent Romance

    There is something amazingly beautiful about antiques. From wrought iron bed frames to a shabby chic nightstand with peeling paint and crystal handles, love is a celebrating of the old in a new way. This is what makes bargain shopping, garage sales, and second hand stores such a great place for finding amazing furniture.

    New furniture may have its perks what with its home warranties and that brand new smell but if you are looking to give your bedroom style and personality without turning it into a Hyatt hotel room, then consider repurposing old furniture in a new way. Modern lighting and accessories can take any item with a little rust and turn it into something vintage and chic.

    Tell Your Love Story through Décor

    This doesn’t mean that you need to dedicate an entire wall of your bedroom with pictures of you and your other half- in fact this is quite the opposite. Search cheap online auction sites or handmade sites for certain personalized accessories that tell the story of “you” without giving too much away.

    Got married on a beach somewhere? Bring in the elements of the ocean with a carefully placed starfish or a nautical theme. Your first kiss was at a movie theater? Consider bringing in bright pops of yellow and green, and blow up pictures of old movie stubs you have or make a collage of them to hang bedside.

    There are endless ways to incorporate otherwise non-essential items into personal artifacts of your love story. This is a very design friendly and cheap way to turn any space into a gallery of romance.

    Bedding Bedlam

    Just because bedding sets come in a “Set” doesn’t mean that they should be displayed together. Instead, bringing in different textures with your throw pillows or shams can take an otherwise boring bedding collection and turn it into a custom bedroom design. Consider incorporating that quilt that your Great Aunt gave you for your tenth anniversary on the end of your bed, or paint your initials with fabric paint on an otherwise unassuming pillow case. Little touches like this can turn a store bought bedroom set into a personalized place for escaping. 

    Kitchen Decorating: Personalizing Your Kitchen with Eclectic Decorating

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, August 10, 2017

    You'll find that when it comes to the kitchen most people don't really stick to any theme and items are placed there at random. You might have a regular and traditional item, and then have one that's modern or country-themed. If you decorate in an eclectic style you'll find that it's completely acceptable and even recommended in today's decorating world. This article will provide you with tips and ideas that will help you in using lots of different styles of decorating in your kitchen and turning it all into something that looks great.

    Metal wall art helps create a focal point for the kitchen

    A focal point is a necessity for every room in the home; this spot will automatically call the attention of anyone that steps into the room. When it comes to the kitchen, metal wall art can be an amazing focal point. You'll find that when it comes to metal wall art there are lots of things to choose from, raging from trees, musical notes, butterflies, flowers and even abstract designs.

    If you have a really large wall you can try hanging a large metal wall art piece and you can surround it by smaller accents with the same or similar designs.

    Candle wall sconces and wall planters add further interest

    When you place wall planters around windows that look amazing, and they can be filled with any plant of your choosing. If you have several windows and want to create a charming look you should place wall planters on both sides of each casement.

    If you want to place wall mounted candle sconces with your metal art you can, but you can also place them anywhere that they add to the décor. Create a warm atmosphere by using candles scented in aromas that you would usually find in a kitchen, like spice, pumpkin and vanilla.

    A touch of wrought iron adds elegance

    Does the near romantic feel of an arched door way appeal to you? Wrought iron can help you accomplish lots of things. If you want to give your door the appearance of an arched doorway you can hang a half-moon shaped wrought iron accent above the door. The idea of wrought iron wall sconces might turn out to be something that you like, you might even want to hang a pot rack over the island in order to display your best cookware.

    Since you get to use what you like and feel looks great in your kitchen while working with an eclectic look you'll find that shopping and decorating are easier, and you don't need to stick to any theme if you don't want to. This will help you make the kitchen feel like home by giving you a very comfortable and personalized appeal.

    If you need to remember one rule about your kitchen, it's that you make the rules! If your kind of thing is tin signs, wrought iron, metal wall art or wooden baskets you can use every one of them as much as you want. Not only will you be relaxed in you kitchen while enjoying something to drink at the table, you'll also impress your guests with your great and unique sense of style.

    Country Decorating: Giving your Kitchen a Warm and Welcoming Feel

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, August 9, 2017

    There are not that many things out there that feel as warm and inviting as a big country kitchen full of accents and accessories that give a “down home” appeal. Today, you'll find that lots of families and their friends spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, sharing stories, enjoying goodies and simply relaxing after a hard day of work. Creating the atmosphere and charming look that only a country style kitchen can afford will be quite simple if you just follow the tips and ideas that are offered in this article.

    Incorporate warm colors

    When it comes to the country theme, it is important to use colors that help provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Colors that you'll often see in this style of décor are yellow, green, rust red and country blue; these colors are good for providing a colorful and warm atmosphere. Consider using a relaxing shade of country blue to paint the walls in, and painting the baseboards and trim work in cream or antique white.

    Perk up the walls

    While it's perfectly alright to have painted walls you should think about using wall paper, bead board paneling or even stencils that you paint on yourself. You can add more charm and appeal to the walls by using a wallpaper or stenciled border around the top of the wall with patterns like roosters, fruit, sunflowers or teapots.

    Today, using paint and a few techniques you can make the walls interesting by adding texture with stenciling, sponging, and rag-rolling. You'll be able to create a look that is all your own and original by simply using these techniques. You'll also be proud of the person touch that you'll add.

    Lighting and windows

    When it comes to a country style kitchen, the lighting and window treatments that you decide on make a huge difference. Consider using light fixtures that are made of wrought iron, wood or tin. You can also give your windows a country fresh appeal bu using curtains designed in gingham checks, plaids or stenciled borders.

    Accessories complete the look

    While other styles advise that you decorate your kitchen in a simple and sleek manner, country decorating is quite the opposite; you want to have charming accents everywhere! The perfect place for your iron skillets is a wrought iron pot rack hanging from the ceiling. You can place cinnamon and apple pie scented candles on a baker's rack, counter tops or any other flat surface.

    Just as long as you keep a worn and distressed look for the kitchen table, the table can be made of any kind of wood. By placing a large braided rug directly under the table, and placing a country-style throw rug in front of the sink you'll add more charm to the kitchen. You can use baskets, canisters, cookbooks and wooden or tin country signs to finish off the look and bring it all together.

    Not everyone has the same idea for country decorating; while some people like Americana, others like hearts, cows, roosters gingerbread mean and even sunflowers. You should always use your favorite items in order to make your home feel as comfortable as possible. A country home feels lived in and gives the impression that anyone visiting can just stay and relax for a while because there is no hurry to leave. The old-fashioned charm of country décor can make your home feel like the most inviting on the block.

    Tips from Luxury Designers for “Dream Rooms” on a Shoestring Budget

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Tuesday, August 8, 2017

    Every one of us has a dream home in mind, from marble floors to French oak, to a Mahogany library and the view of the water during a sunset.  It seems that in this economy those luxurious items may be further from actually “hitting home” than ever. However, the good news is that some of the most high-end additions you can imagine can be managed on a shoestring budget and in a green fashion.

    Here a few fun and wacky ways to upgrade your house to match your dreams but not dash apart your budget.

    A Customized Hobby Room

    While this may not be a five-car garage layout with vintage cars and luxury sports cars, it can be just as fun to have an entire room of your house dedicated to your hobbies. From a simple music room set up with an amp and some of your favorite musicians on the walls to an all-out craft room with cubbies dedicated to all seasons and motifs, you can make your dream of having a room that’s “all about you” a reality.

    The easiest way to accomplish this is to start small. If you have some baskets or some storage cubbies in your garage or from previous projects, doctor them up with signs or chalkboard labels that can become anything you want. This saves you money and can be a project in itself. Don’t go out and buy all of your supplies at once- part of the fun and budget-friendly aspect of hobby room is to build your collection as you go.

    Luxury Version: Build hundreds of square feet to create a room to house luxury high-end items, which make for a soaring bottom line

    Shoestring Version: Create a room specific to your hobby and build the collection over time, saving your budget and reducing square footage

    A Pet Boutique for Your Furry Family

    For the pet lover out there, you may have seen some homes that have entire wings of their estate dedicated to puppy primping. From pet showers to castles and high-end pet beds you can spend a pretty penny trying to give Rufus the doggy dream he’s always had. Instead of going over the top for your canine or feline family members, why not carve out a little space that is dedicated to taking care of your loved pets without taking out a second mortgage.

    If you have a spacious living room, or a garage, install a small showerhead and scaled down shower stall for your dog. This especially works for warmer climates where you can have as shower on the side of the home where a spigot has already been installed. Have fun with the bright colors of plastic bath tub options (kids pools work great) and then dedicate a small area of your laundry room or deck where the dogs can dry off, bathe in the sun or enjoy their special primping day.

    Luxury Version: Create an entire wing of your house dedicated to keeping your pooch clean and classy while breaking the piggy bank a couple of times over.

    Shoestring Version: Use an already existing space to “create” a prêt boutique that your family can use to keep your furry family member clean and happy. 

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