Throw Pillow Problem: What to Do When Too Many Accessories Take Over

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, October 16, 2017

    Who doesn’t love a great throw pillow? With thousands upon thousands of options, you can easily mix and match textures and pattern to bring any look you desire into a room. Also, throw pillows are easily switched out seasonally as well as for holiday get together’s. The only problem is that when pillows and accessories begin to take over your room, it can create sensory overload.

    Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch through a few items, but when things border on chaos your room may begin to look less like a home and more like a trunk show. Here are a few steps to de-clutter your room and instead make it the space you intended it to be in the first place.

    Choose a Triangle of Options

    What is a triangle of options? It is a guideline to help you narrow down your color palette into groups of 3. This will become super important when trying to de-clutter and reclaim a seamless theme for your room. First, choose three colors that you want to feature. These colors should go together well. Don’t choose three patterns or three different textures.

    Choose the colors first- remember neutrals, such as black and white, are considered color in the decorating world. The purpose of this exercise is to narrow down your palette, so be strict and choose the best combinations you have.

    Creating a triangle of color for you room will give you a clear understanding of which additional items need to be removed from the space. For example, if it isn’t yellow, navy or white it must go. This isn’t to say that you can’t play with patterns and colors that fall outside the realm of those three colors, but in most cases there are at least a few accessories that are just “off” and have never really fit in the room no matter how great the clearance price was when you first picked it up.

    Cut Out Pointless Pretties

    This is a hard rule to follow since there are so many things that we fall in love with on a daily basis. From advertisements, magazines, and home decorating television shows there are so many things on the market that are just for show or decoration. While a minimal amount of these items make for a fun dash of interest or personality. An entire wall or coffee table jammed full of them defeats the purpose and turns potential pretties into ugly distractions instead.

    If you have more than three items in a room that serve no purpose aside from looking good, then you need to decide which ones pack the most impact. Any other items that don’t make the cut need to be removed. This way of thinking will also help to keep you from making similar unnecessary purchases in the future.

    If you already have all of the accessories you need in a room, perhaps you should save up your pennies for a new coffee table or functional TV stand. Buying quality things you need is always a better bet than buying up a bunch of small, pointless things that only keep your design sense from shining through.

    Returning to the throw pillow dilemma, here is a good rule of thumb: when it comes to throw pillows your total depends upon on how many couch cushions you have. For every cushion you can add a ½ of a throw pillow. So if you have 6 couch cushions then you can 3 throw pillows. Any more than that and you have a throw pillow problem.

    Unique Ideas to Personalize Dull Spaces: Color Palette Class

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Friday, October 13, 2017

    Even though color has a way of turning a dull space into something exciting, sometimes neutral and earth tones are overlooked when it comes to transforming a room. Neutral color combinations have just as much pop power, if combined correctly. A few simple ideas can turn a boring palette into a brilliant space. Here are a few examples of some underrated color palettes that pack a big punch!

    Look Wanted: Sophisticated & Simple (Gray & Plums)

    To create a sophisticated space takes less instead of more. Sophistication is oftentimes a result of understatement. Sleek, clean lines and fresh tones create a space where class meets relaxation. The perfect color combination for such a space- whether a library, a home office, or a reading nook is plum and gray. The cool tones of each of these colors play well with each other and send a message of high-end elegance without being too stuffy.

    If you want to simplify your sophistication then err on the side of fun instead of frumpiness, stay away from heavy materials, dark walls or muddy grays. Instead focus on crisp, clean colors that will look great combined with stark white accessories. Also, have fun with wall art. These days there are so many wall decals that can make your space look custom without breaking the bank. From whimsical accents like a willow tree or oversized letters in many different sizes and fonts, the options are endless when it comes to creating a sophisticated style that is all your own.

    Look Wanted: Serene & Peaceful (Icy Blue & Bright White)

    The look of serenity is often wanted in a bedroom. Whether a master or a guest bedroom there is nothing more relaxing than using Oceanside colors to wash away your worries and lull you into a peaceful sleep. You can accomplish this by brining in some icy blue colors. More white than blue this color invites your mind to check out, instead of awaken. Bold colors and fabrics are fun for bedrooms, but if you want a place to escape blue and white will create that quiet oasis.

    Another trick to create a tranquil unity in a room is to paint existing wood furniture white, or invest in some new pieces that will create a complete look. Harsh woods or dark finishes can often distract from the light and brightness of a room and instead can create a closed in appearance. Try to reinvent existing furniture or bring in pieces that fit nicely with your dreamland.

    Look Wanted: Memorable Romance (Espresso & Gold)

    Sometimes you just want a room to reflect you. From oversized photos of your family to the warmth of a roaring fireplace certain colors- or lack thereof can create a wonderful canvas for family time and memory making. The warm combination of muted gold and a rich espresso create a blend of beauty that can be inviting as well as soothing. Whether you want to have a move night in with a bucket of buttered popcorn or simply want to share a glass of wine while curling up on the couch- the juxtaposition of a warm gooey yellow with a dark, foreboding black-brown is the perfect palette for coziness. This type of room is ideal for sepia toned artwork which can be hung in any number of ways to add interest and fun to the room.

    Don’t be afraid of having a monochromatic palette. Too often people think that color will make their rooms sing, and in fact, the absence of it can make the room more cohesive. No matter what your style, choose colors or neutrals that reflect you- that will make any room personalized. 

    Lessons in Linens: How Specific Patterns Can Spice Up any Table Setting

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, October 12, 2017

    Tablecloths are so much more than the traditional checkered picnic table pattern, and have developed into a wide range of high-end fabrics that can turn your table setting into something out of a magazine. With so many styles and textures to choose from, selecting the right linens is one of those little details that can change the entire vibe of an evening and make you the host with the most!

    How to Add Depth

    Having a dinner party for more than four people? Creating the illusion of a deep table makes for a roomier meal. Even though the table dimensions will not change at all, adding the right type of pattern to the table will create space between diners and give the appearance of room. Choose a paisley print in deep orange or traditional damask in a rich red. These colors are warm in tone so they expand when put over a dining table, but the patterns give the eye something to be drawn to, and this creates depth where you need it most!

    How to Add Interest

    Silver tableware and a fine setting of your best china can wow your guests, but nothing says theme dinner like an authentic Moroccan cloth spread across your table or a convey the feel of a country cottage brunch like an antique yellow rose patterned tablecloth. These simply additions to your already beautiful dinnerware complete the meal and add interest to your table.

    Think in patterns and purpose when you choose your linens. First think if the pattern matches your dinnerware well and then think of the purpose that specific pattern will bring to your meal. Don’t choose bland linens that only serve the purpose of covering your table, instead have fun with color, texture and style.

    How Hand-Stitched Pieces or Heirlooms Turn Into Conversation Pieces

    Not all of your table linens need to be modern, contemporary, or out of the latest catalog. Some of the best ways to dress up your table have more to do with your personal touch than anything else. Have a knack for hand stitching or embroidery? Making your own linens is a wonderful way to create a stellar spread with your own unique flair. These also make great gifts for the host or hostess in your life.

    Even if you don’t have a talent for needlepoint, perhaps your grandmother did? Finding an old tablecloth in your attic or inheriting a few from generations past is a wonderful way to incorporate your family’s heritage.

    How to Create Unity through Simple Staples

    Even though you may have a few linens that are for special occasions, holidays, or Margarita Monday it is essential that you have a few simple staples for the everyday dinner. Choosing something that is casual but still classy is a wonderful way to incorporate a little something special in your every day dinner. Choose neutrals and simple patterns that don’t steal too much attention, but that create a sense of unity at the dinner table.

    How to Make a Dining Table Kid Friendly

    For some of us elegant linens just don’t make practical sense. However, there are wonderful options of the kid-friendly variety in the linen world. Choose something that has a easily cleanable surface- something that can be easily washed or has sheen to the surface. From a wide array of fun patterns- summer berries, bright flowers, or shapes, choose a linen that can make eating with a child just as much fun as it should be, without having to worry about ruining yet another tablecloth. 

    Classy Cabinets: 3 Ways to Update Boring Kitchen Cabinetry

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, October 11, 2017

    Replacing kitchen cabinets can be pricey. For anyone who has ever looked into a kitchen remodel or simply a kitchen makeover, it doesn’t take long to realize that unless you have the money to invest in such a venture, its easy to begin thinking that maybe those cabinets aren’t so bad after all. The good news is that sometimes replacing cabinets is an unnecessary change. Sometimes a simple paint job, some unique details, and a little lighting can take a drab space and transform it. Here are a few cheaper ways to redesign your kitchen cabinets so they reflect your style without breaking the bank.

    1. Paint Perfect

    Don’t let painting your existing cabinets intimidate you. It may require some elbow grease, depending on the type of finish you want, but painting over your exiting cabinetry may be the best way to bring it up to date. In a age where you can be as bold as you want to be in the kitchen, there really is no limit to the colors you can choose.

    If you tend to like traditional kitchens then white is always a classy way to update a kitchen while also brightening the space. If you love modern kitchens, consider painting with a black-brown color and adding some stainless steel pulls or even purchase a high-gloss paint and bring in a cottage blue to cozy up the whole area. No matter your style, paint and pulls can make your existing cabinets just like those you saw in the showroom.

    2. Install Under Cabinet Lighting

    It may not seem like it would make that much of a difference, but under cabinet lighting can give any kitchen that designer edge you’re looking for. Highlighting the beautiful stainless steel stove, or simply drawing attention to your countertops, lighting can make any cabinet set look custom made as well as expensive. Easy to install, there are even some lights that are simply adhesive and can be stuck under select cabinets.

    No matter how you feel about the style of your current cabinets, adding lighting will make the space feel brighter, more modern, and ready for some serious entertaining. Just be sure you do your research on which places are best for your additional lighting. Having lights that are not evenly distributed or in the wrong places can lead to some confusing issues as well as waste energy. Put lights in places that would seem commonplace so that you aren’t only using them for looks but also for practicality.

    3. Please Pass the Glass

    Stock cabinets all look the same. Custom cabinets have a unique look and style, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot create the same type of custom look by making a few simple changes. Glass is one of the easiest ways to update your cabinets without spending a lot of money. From clear glass to textured and colored glass you can choose from a wide range of pieces to create a custom look for a certain grouping of cabinets.

    Choose a space that is visible from the point of entry and choose a space where you can easily display the best dishware. Opening up one section of your cabinets with glass will accentuate your sense of style as well as make the kitchen seem less dated.

    Another tip is to paint or wallpaper the inside of the cabinets that you have chosen to expose. That way your dishes can pop against a color or pattern in the back of the window- giving even more drama to the kitchen and adding an even more unique touch of personal pizzazz.

    Hanging Around: 5 Tips to Professionally Display Art With Style

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Tuesday, October 10, 2017

    When you get to the point in your decorating when its time to hang the artwork, that moment will act as the exclamation point on an already finished room. How you hang your art could very well be more important than what you are hanging. The manner in which you group your pieces can either make or break the appearance of the whole room. Have a gorgeous oil landscape that you are dying to show off but have it hidden in a hallway or in between two sconces that overshadow it? Why did you bother hanging it in the first place?

    The location of a great art piece is key to making sure it is properly displayed. Also, small pieces that may not make a huge statement on their own, when grouped with many like images, pieces or colors can make an art piece all by themselves. Here are a few tips to make sure your artwork isn’t just hanging, rather, it is making a statement.

    1. Match the Art’s Message

    Just because you love a life sized painting of stemware does not mean it belongs in the bedroom. The art that you hang should match the purpose of the room. You can use subtle humor, literalism and romanticism to set the tone in any and every room of your house- but if you mix up dining room messages with bedroom messages you and your guests could be up for one confusing meal. Be sure that the art you hang isn’t only in the right focal spot, but it also falls in line with the room’s overall theme.

    2. Use Furniture as a Frame

    Sometimes you will have art in your home that is too small for a certain space, don’t underestimate the ability your furniture has to create a frame of sorts to highlight the art. If you have a small print that you would love to have in the entry way then try and use an extra high entry way table to create balance and add interest to the space. Even if something may not look right on your first attempt consider unique ways you can use the same furniture to create a finished look.

    3. Use Extravagant Accents

    While the traditional black and white frames are by far the most popular don’t underestimate the power of metallic. Adding a shiny silver or gold frame that is oversized can add drama and flair to any piece of art. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns and wood designs. Swirls and sleek lines? Having a mix of both types of frames adds an element of whimsy and will draw compliments from any guest.

    4. Bathroom Manner: Artwork Debacle

    Finding art for the bathroom can be the most difficult of all. While most people are drawn to oceanic themes, shells, and the like because they are echoes of water, don’t be afraid to incorporate some modern pieces into the powder room. A silhouette of a woman or even some artistic shots of bathroom items like soaps and make-up can make a bathroom seem less predictable and more like an extension of the rest of your home.

    5. Don’t “Over Hang”

    Designers like to couple art pieces together, and while having two pieces that compliment each other can often work in any space, don’t hang too many items when one large piece will get the job done even better. Don’t be afraid to go bold if you decide to just hang one piece of art in lieu of two or a grouping. Keep it simple, but keep it interesting. “Over hanging”- (having too may items on your wall) will lead to unnecessary clutter. 

    Layout Lessons: How to Turn Any Room into the Perfect Space

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, October 9, 2017

    It doesn’t matter if you live in a cabin, a modern home, or a cute country cottage, there are certain layout lessons that can help you maximize the space you have. Decide what rooms in your home serve what purpose, and then design and arrange furniture based upon that decision. Some of the biggest issues that homeowners have with decorating, is that they aren’t completely sure what a room’s purpose is.

    Even if you have spaces in your home that aren’t exact traditional sizes or used in traditional ways, give that room a purpose. Are you collecting junk in the downstairs basement? Remove the clutter, and reclaim it as a craft space or kids’ playroom. Removing the pieces that don’t cater to that room’s purpose will give your house the identity it needs to function as a wonderful entertainment and relaxation area.

    Layout Lesson #1: Highlight the Highlights

    Every room has a highlight- whether that is a large window or high ceilings; there is something in every space that is noteworthy. It can be as extravagant as an ocean view or as minimal as wonderful lighting. Whatever the special aspect you find, play it up! Always be sure that you position furniture to work with the room’s best features instead of against them.

    Don’t simply place a bed in front of a window if that seems like the most logical spot- oftentimes placing furniture in illogical paces allow the rooms’ the space to shine and show off its strengths. Consider placing a bed diagonally or flush against the opposite wall. Whatever you can do to make a room’s highlight pop- do it, in order to make every space unique and interesting.

    Layout Lesson #2: Simplify

    It is perfectly fine to have a room decorated well and accessorized perfectly. However, fussy fixtures, panels or rugs can make a room an overwhelming eye sore instead of an interesting hideaway. Keep the color palette streamlined, with a few pops of pattern and color. Also make sure you keep the accessories to a minimum, so that the ones you choose to use yield a high amount of visible return. Too many kitschy additions, can leave your room feeling like a garage sale gathering instead of chic, homage to your style.

    Layout Lesson #3: Mirror, Mirror

    Most of us don’t have the luxury of wide open spaces throughout our home. For those of us who are working with traditional floor plans, it may seem like things get a little stuffy more often than we would like. The best way to open up a room is to bring in a mirror. With so many vintage or modern options, the simple act of bringing in something that will reflect light in a room can do wonders for creating a space that is properly illuminating and breathes well.

    These tricks of the trade will help keep the layout in each of your home’s rooms streamlined, unique, and tailored to your needs. Remember, if its obvious, it may not be the best way to decorate. Always think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to play with color, furniture location, and accessories. 

    Animal Instincts: How to Share Your Home With Fido Without It Going to the Dogs

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Friday, October 6, 2017

    Furry faces can make us all smile, from the cuddly cat that knows just when to curl up in your lap after a long day, to the tail wagging homecoming that could make anyone melt, sharing your home with a pet as an extension of your family is something most of us wouldn’t trade for anything. However, if you are finding that your dear animal has taken over the place- hair everywhere, gnaw and claw marks on the floor and furniture, and that his toys and blankets look like they exploded everywhere- maybe now is the time to designate a space for your animal.  This can help you to keep your home as less of an animal kingdom and more of a palace.

    Clean House and Hound

    What may seem like a simple idea is really at the root of any “animal house”. While there may not be time in the week to do deep cleaning regularly, a simple, but efficient vacuum job can do amazing things to help keep your house clean and allergen free. Over 50 million Americans have pet allergies that mean that making your home the staging area for parties can spell trouble for your sensitive friends. Keeping your house clean on a regular basis can help to minimize the dander that will flare up your friend’s reactions.

    Also, give your cat or dog regular baths. This is something that will not only keep your home in tip-top shape, but it will also leave your pets ready for a good pet. There is nothing worse than a stinky dog to welcome your guests when they arrive- so make it a priority to keep your animals clean and happy so that you can co-exist happily and fragrantly.

    Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

    Even though suede and leather are luxe, they may not be the best fabric choices for pet parents. Anything can be made somewhat stain-resistant, but choosing fabrics for your house that can withstand wear and tear will give your home’s furnishings longevity and keep your home looking kempt even if you haven’t been able to spot clean that couch in a while.

    Stain resistant fabrics and indoor-outdoor variations are wonderful choices for a pet-friendly indoor space. These days, indoor outdoor fabric is made in chic looking textile patterns and styles so don’t think you have to go ugly to stay within your furry-friend’s needs. Another benefit? Indoor-outdoor fabrics and rugs tend to cost less and are more durable so you can save a few pennies while making your home look super stylized.

    If you’ve just invested in new furniture or don’t have the money to update your current furnishings, there are some wonderful products on the market that can waterproof and repel stains from your current furniture. Ask a furniture expert which formula would be best for your lifestyle and your pet.

    You don’t have to do a major overhaul on your living space to make it shine; just a little research and some determination make your household a well blended “animal house”.

    Table Setting Treasures: How to Create the Perfect Dinner Party

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, October 5, 2017

    It’s the small details that make any home décor a designers dream. From the tiniest of serving spoons to the biggest of vases, which acts as a centerpiece, creating a table setting is one of those rare moments when you get to bust out all of those special dinnerware items you’ve been stockpiling for those “spring soirees” you hope to throw. Now is the time, and here are a few easy ideas on how to turn your table setting into more than just dinnerware, and instead be part of dinner’s main event!

    Bloom Where You Are Planted

    Throwing a party or having guests over for some cocktails and appetizers isn’t a cheap affair, and if you are one of those individuals who pay attention to detail you want all of the little nuances to pay off. One of the best ways to make your table setting look like something out of a magazine is getting the right flowers.

    You don’t need to spend loads of money in the store or import orchids to add Asian flair to your sushi spread- instead use cake stands and a little imagination to create a dramatic addition. Pick up a cheap bouquet of mums, Gerber daisies, or sweet peas and use small portions of each of them in little vases, teapots, or even chic mugs.

    Also, depending on the climate, you can gather moss to add some texture to your arrangements or pick some leafy boughs from your tree to add some current foliage to your table. Purchasing expensive flowers doesn’t usually pay off as much as small bouquets can, so save your pennies and think small bouquets instead.

    Color Me Fun

    Dinner parties are very rarely stuffy these days, Fine china and linens have no place in the modern-day American family- however, if you are just dying to use your gleaming china, choose to use fun place mats or chargers that break up the refinement with a little color. Hound’s-tooth, geometric, sea theme, and even solid splashes of intense hues can take your china and linens from boring and uptight to fun and classy.

    If you don’t have the dough to invest in more table setting treasures, then try garage sales or second hand shopping to discover some more unique setting options. Remember not all of the placemats have to match, as long as they have a similar theme, color palette, or texture, you can mix and match them to create a Bohemian spread.

    The Name Game

    One of the most fun things about hosting a dinner party is the name place cards. What used to be stale and boring created out of white paper and silver place card holders can now be the exclamation point at the end of your table-setting sentence. From fun, spring loaded holders that exude a good time to miniature top-hats that you can get from the craft store- there are hundreds of ways to let each of your guests know how much their presence is appreciated and just how unique they really are. 

    Kids Corner: Simple Tips for Decorating Your Little One’s Room

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, October 4, 2017

    Your child’s room is the one place in your house that is reserved for the fun antics of growing up. That’s why it is so enjoyable to create a space that will encourage their imaginations and also be able to double as a soothing place they associate with sleep. How do you accomplish both in one fell swoop? Well, it takes some room designing savvy and also some unique and interesting ideas. Go ahead, have a little fun! Your kids most certainly will.

    School is now in Session – Chalk it up!

    Learning and growing are two things that your kids will be doing a lot of in your home as they move through the various stages of childhood, to encourage them to use their imaginations and also to give them a space where they can practice writing and reading, try painting a section of their bedroom with chalkboard paint.

    While this is quickly becoming a popular trend, having a spot in your child’s bedroom that they can use for a multitude of playtime activities is also a great way to keep them entertained in their rooms. It is also a great, cheap way to add flair and functionality to your child’s space. This idea works with any size room, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

    Create an Art Gallery

    Instead of simply hanging their art in frames on their bedroom wall, there are a couple of creative ways that you can involve your kids in displaying their art. Your first goal is to personalize a corkboard. Either cover it with a fabric that goes with their room’s motif, or spray paint it in an accent shade that brings a pop of color into the space. Stenciling initials onto the top make for a personalized touch and if you hang it low enough the kids can have creative control over which art pieces they want to include and which ones they want to change out.

    Customize Accessories

    From light fixtures to rugs, you can easily customize accessories in their rooms to say their name, incorporate their favorite color, or simply be an additional space where they can put their personal touch. Using chalkboard paint on accessories is another fun way to get your child’s imagination involved on a daily basis.

    If they have a lamp in their bedroom, you can change the words “Good Morning” and “Good Night” and “Nap Time” on to it every time you use the room for sleeping. This is a good ritual, gets them excited and involved in the process of sleep patterns and can also teach them spelling and give them a sense of time.

    These are just a handful of small and inexpensive ways to make your child’s space kid-friendly and multi-purpose. There are hundreds of ways to make your child’s room a sanctuary, just be sure to make boundaries too. The changing pad and diaper station are not toys, nor is the crib a place for making art. Instead, teaching your child which parts of his room are for fun and which are for fundamental rest, will help you set limits and provide parents opportunities to teach life lessons. 

    Creating a Farmhouse Style for Your Not So Farm House Home

    Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, October 2, 2017

    Dreaming of the warm and inviting feel of an old farmhouse style home but don’t want to give up your current home to purchase one? Don’t worry. Creating the farmhouse style is much easier than you might think. With just a few simple upgrades here and there you can create that warm feeling in your home in no time.

    Butcher Block Countertops
    Butcher block countertops are a staple of traditional farmhouse style kitchens. They are durable, easy to maintain and create a warm and welcoming feel in any kitchen. This style of countertop does require regular sealing, but this is an easy process and ensures your countertops will last a lifetime.

    Sliding Barn Doors
    Sliding barn style doors are another feature found in farmhouse style homes. You can build these doors yourself, purchase kits or hire a professional. Either way, they look beautiful and really enhance the look of a room. These doors are a great way to divide a space and work beautifully as a door for the closet, laundry room, bathroom and even the pantry.

    Solid Wood Built-ins
    Typically found in Craftsman style homes, solid wood built-ins such as cabinetry and shelving are also found in the farmhouse. Adding these to your bathroom, kitchen, dining room and even the living room will create a stunning handcrafted look throughout your entire home. This can be a rather expensive addition but it will increase the value of your home.

    Cast Iron Hardware
    Entry doors, cabinetry, and drawers all have hardware of some kind. Swapping out that fake hardware for cast iron hinges, handles, knobs, and drawer pulls will change the entire look of your home in seconds. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference.

    Wood Shutters
    Shutters are found in virtually every farmhouse the world over, so if you want to give the exterior of your home that farmhouse vibe, adding some wood shutters to the windows is a great place to start. Whether they are stained a natural wood color or simply painted to complement the rest of the exterior of your home, wooden shutters are the way to go.

    Open Floating Shelving
    Typically found in the kitchen, solid wood floating shelves are a beautiful way to add style and comfort to a room. Floating shelves also give the illusion of space to a small room and work well as a piece of functional décor. Floating shelves are perfect for the bathroom, dining room, living room and even the home office. 
    Farmhouse style homes are incredibly beautiful and built to last a lifetime. However, not everyone can be fortunate enough to own one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the same style within your home. Using these tips, you can bring the farmhouse life to your home even if you’re on a budget. 

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