Dreamy Log Cabin Interiors

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Friday, March 31, 2017

Have you ever seen pictures of a log cabin and thought, where did I go wrong? Those cabins look so amazing and yours just feels so dull and dark. Sure, it's serving its purpose and you have that country rustic feel, l but where’s the décor? Where is the character? Well, envy no more. You’re about to learn how you can make your log cabin as dreamy as those in magazines.

Go Beyond the Wood
With log walls, hardwood floors, and log or paneling for the ceilings, the wood can be the most dominating feature. All that wood isn’t a style for everyone. There are several easy fixes to that overabundance.

One is to add some drywall. This will smooth out the walls and can be painted any color you like. Adding texture to the walls with plaster gives them some depth. Replace hardwood floors with stone flooring to keep the natural feel of a cabin without the endless miles of wood.

Learn to Live with Wood
If you don’t necessarily want to get rid of the endless amount of wood, but hate the earthy tones it brings, then try to find ways to love it. Whitewashing the wood gives a rustic, chic look and is very beautiful. Especially when pastel-colored furniture and light carpet or rugs are used. Light stains or even bleached wood also look amazing. Bleaching gives a driftwood look that, when blended with log furniture of the same tones, gives the cabin a very coastal feel. There are many ways to live with the wood in your cabin that keep it looking amazing. It completely depends on your style.

Built-ins Belong in a Cabin
It's hard not to love built-ins. Whether in the form of cabinetry, shelving, or even seating, built ins give a natural coziness to any home, but even more so to a cabin. Built-ins offer functional storage and make a room feel complete. They can easily be customized to fit whatever décor style you’re going for. If your cabin didn’t come with all the built-ins you were hoping for, it is very affordable to add them in yourself or hire a professional. Whatever you choose, this is one way to upgrade the cozy factor in any room of your home.

Just because it’s a cabin doesn’t mean everything has to be nature themed and rustic. It's your home after all, so anything can happen. Any style you choose is allowed in your cabin. There is no rule that says a cabin should be styled a certain way, so if yours isn’t as dreamy as you would like, then choose a style that makes it dreamy for you. For many people, comfort and style go hand in hand. A cozy, dreamy cabin like you see in the magazines is easy to obtain, but isn’t for everyone. Let your creativity take over and create the cabin of your dreams. 


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