How to Decorate Your Kitchen Counters and Save Counter Space

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, March 30, 2017

So your kitchen was a mess, it was cluttered and dirty. You went through your normal cleaning routine, dusted, wiped down, washed, and put away everything. You look around at your newly clean kitchen and think, wow … it looks so dull, bare, empty. This is because once you cleaned your counters of the mess, there was nothing there at all. Keep reading to learn how to properly decorate your kitchen counters without taking away prized counter space.

Look at What You Have
The place to start is with an observation of what you keep on your counters. Appliances, salt and pepper shakers, soap, sponges, and maybe even a towel or two are all things you can find scattered around your counters. All these things can be consolidated into fewer, larger items. For example, the salt, pepper and any other spices can be stored in a decorative basket or other container by the stove. The soap and sponges look better in a basket than sitting solo on the window sill above the sink.

Roll up a few dish towels and place them in a wicker basket by the sink. Use a decorative cake stand to store cooking ingredients such as oils and spices that would usually be kept by the stove. Be sure that the storage solutions you choose go well with the overall theme of the kitchen. By adding things to bins, you actually free up some space while adding décor to the counter.

Grow Some Nature
Do you love fresh herbs? Why not grow some in decorative little planters on your counter? This will not only give you fresh herbs to cook with, but will also bring a touch of nature into your kitchen and we all know that nature is your best décor piece.

Cookbooks Aren’t Just for Reading
Display your cookbooks in the corner of your countertop or even atop your microwave, if it sits on the counter, of course. Line them up on the surface or stack them, either way. Displaying your cookbooks in your kitchen not only looks great but puts them in range for easy access.

Mason Jars for Storing Foods
Mason Jars are great for decorating. This tip doesn’t have to be used on the counters. Mounting some floating shelves above the counters will actually improve the overall look of your counters and the countertops can serve as the bottom shelves. You can then store your sugars, pasta, and dry foods in the mason jars on the counter and the shelves. It looks great and is a very functional way of decorating.

Warm Coffee Corner
Coffeemakers are a fixture in many kitchens, but by the time you add the coffee, sugar, cups, and filters, it's like your love for coffee has taken over your kitchen counters. Create a coffee corner using a decorative placemat with all your coffee items on it. Add a holder near the coffeemaker for your cups, either using a stand or placing hooks on the wall. Now that’s one cool way to conserve space. 


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