Best Unexpected Rooms for Your Cabin

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, March 27, 2017

Log cabins have a standard layout. You get a living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and your bathrooms. In some cases you may get a bonus room, but this is the most common layout of a traditional cabin. If you are building your own or adding to an existing cabin, you have the choice to add more space to create the cabin of your dreams. Here are four unexpected rooms to add to your log cabin today.

Sun Room Oasis
Keep in touch with nature even when the weather is nasty by adding a sunroom to your cabin’s floorplan. Sunrooms can be built as big or as small as you would like and can be customized to fit any style. Add some comfortable furniture to give you a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature without all the insects and harsh weather.

Game Room Addition
Some of the best homes have a game room, but this room isn’t found in many cabins. This is a fun addition, especially if your cabin serves as a vacation home or a summer house. This is a room the entire family can enjoy. Take some time out of your busy schedule to watch a football game, play some cards with friends, play some games on your favorite console or a friendly board game for the family game night. This room gives you the chance to have some quality family time without ever having to leave home. Talk about budget-friendly!

Cozy Cabin Library
This is another room that is most commonly found in a traditional home but makes a wonderful addition to your cozy cabin. What goes better with a warm blanket and hot chocolate than a good book, and what better place to enjoy them all than a cozy library within your cabin? Your library doesn’t have to be huge, just a simple room filled with your favorite books and come cozy furniture. Maybe even work a large window into your design to allow tons of natural light into the room which will make it more relaxing.

Fun and Entertaining Bar Room
Whether for sampling fine wines or expensive liqueurs, or even entertaining a gathering of family and friends, a bar room is a fun, yet an unexpected addition to your cabin. Add on a TV and you have a wonderful place to entertain the guys for a Super Bowl party or a wine tasting. whatever the occasion, this room offers you the chance to bring everyone together for a few laughs and a couple of drinks.

No matter the location of your cabin, these are certainly some unexpected room additions for any cabin of any size and style. Many of these rooms can be created using an existing room that is not in use or can be created on a tight budget. Add one or add them all, either way, you are sure to enjoy every moment living in the log cabin of your dreams.


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