Clear Clutter in Style

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Friday, March 24, 2017

We're a couple months into the New Year and it's time to revisit a resolution that may have gone undone - decluttering your home.This is your sacred space and you are letting it become overrun with stuff. Mainly stuff you don’t need. Declutter your home in style with these beautiful storage solutions.

Display Your Cookware

You’re wasting valuable cupboard space by shoving your cookware in there all willy nilly. Take it out of the dark, especially the pretty ones, and hang those pots and pans on a decorative rack. You can make your own out of a beautiful curtain rod and some hooks, or you can buy one specifically for this purpose. Whatever method you choose, you will free up some much-needed space in your cabinets and give your kitchen a whole new look.

Fill Up Some Corners

Corners are some of the best places to incorporate storage in any room. Adding shelves and cabinets to the corners of the room allows you to easily tuck away anything you need stored, and gives you a unique opportunity for decorative displays and a place to neatly store the essentials in any room.

Go Beyond the Drawers

Too often, we over-clutter our drawers and run out of places to store important items in our kitchens. Think outside the box and store your utensils in stylish cups or on magnet strips above your countertops. This will give you some much-needed drawer space for whatever you need an extra drawer for.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

Shelving can be installed anywhere and comes in so many styles that it is impossible not to find the right shelving for your needs. In the kitchen, this gives you a great place to store dishes such as everyday plates or your grandma's dinnerware. Add shelves to the bathroom for a place to store extra decorative towels. Even add them to the kid's room to store books and bins of toys. Just adding two shelves can give you enough storage room to store up to two cabinets or a single toy chest of stuff. That’s a lot of storage!

Look Above and Beyond

The dead zone between your ceiling and cabinets is often ignored but can be really useful. Store appliances and cookware that are not used every day up there, as it can be hard to get them down daily. Adding horizontal cabinets to conceal the clutter can make your kitchen appear taller.

Divide and Conquer

Diving up storage space actually gives you more of it. For example, use drawer dividers and organizers to keep everything in its place and give you more storage space. Divide up space in your closet and give yourself more room to hang those stylish threads.

Finding adequate storage in your home is not hard when you know where to look. Get creative, some of the best storage is in the last place you would suspect. Start the new year off a little less cluttered and a lot more organized.


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