Bedroom Designs for Insomniacs

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, March 23, 2017

When designing or decorating your bedroom, what aspects of the design did you consider? The size and position of the bed? What style of lamps and end tables to use? Did you choose any items or designs that would help you sleep?

Too often we get so caught up in making a room look good that we forget to make it feel good. If you are having trouble sleeping, the problem may not be from stress, or even require medication, it could just be your bedroom layout. Give these handy tips a try to give yourself a good night’s sleep.

Dimming Your Lights
The only place bright light is relaxing is the beach, so why are the lights in our bedrooms so bright? Use low-watt, soft bulbs in your lighting. This includes your overhead lighting and your lamps. Adding a dimmer switch to your overhead lighting is also a great way to keep the brightness at bay and to conserve energy. Another great way to control the amount of light in your bedroom is to use blackout curtains. These come in many styles and colors and are great at blocking out sunlight in the day and city lights at night.

Relaxing Tones
Did you know certain colors trigger certain moods? Choose colors and patterns that trigger a relaxing feeling for you. Colors such as grays, browns, soft blues, and beige are all soft warm colors that can lower blood pressure and help put you into a calm, relaxed state. The same concept applies to the pattern on your linens and the artwork on your walls. Keep busy patterns and artwork out of your bedroom. It's hard to focus on sleep when there is a lot going on in your room, which leads to the next tip.

Declutter Your Sleep Space
Your bedroom is for rest and sleep, so why do you need everything else in your room? You don’t, so clean it out. The only thing allowed to sit on your dresser and end tables is a jewelry box, alarm clock, and lamps. Everything else needs to go. Keep dirty laundry in a hamper in your closet and your closet door closed. Clean and open surfaces keep you calm and focused. Keeping your bedroom clean improves your sleep. (The same idea for keeping your office clean can help make you more productive!)

Plant Life and Nature
Everything about nature is calming except, of course, hurricanes and tornados. But when it comes to plant life, there are many species that aid in sleep and relaxation. Lush green plants, such as ferns, keep the air fresh and clean plus make the room just feel better. Herbs such as lavender give off a beautiful aroma that greatly aids in sleep.

There are many more tips for making your bedroom a more comfortable and peaceful place to sleep, but these are a great place to start. If you are struggling with insomnia, give these tips a try and be on your way to a more restful night’s sleep.


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