Three Children, One Room

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Tuesday, March 21, 2017

When living quarters are small, and you have more children than you do bedrooms, it can be hard to arrange living quarters comfortably. Especially when you have to put three children in one bedroom. It's not always ideal, but it can work. Here are some tips for making the best out of what could be a tight situation.

Bed Arrangements
Arranging three beds in one bedroom can be frustrating and somewhat difficult; especially if the beds take up over half the floor space in the room. Consider using loft or bunk beds. These beds come in a variety of styles, such as wood or metal frames, and sizes range from twin to king. You can even get triple bunk beds to accommodate up to three children. There are also trundle beds which slide under another bed to be completely out of the way and give floor space for play time during the day. These are also great for sleepovers.

Choosing Decor
If the bedroom is shared by multiple genders or various age groups, it may be hard to decorate the space to everyone's liking. One tip is to choose a design theme that is very neutral and doesn't cater to one particular child's liking. If bunk beds are used in the room, you could allow each child to decorate the wall beside their bunk so that they each feel as if they have their own space. Try using solid-colored curtains on the windows and choose bed linens that go well with those curtains. Add a rug that complements the two, and the room should come together nicely.

Storage Solutions
In a room shared by more than two children, space is a huge problem. Not just for where to place beds, but also where to store their stuff. Traditionally, a child's bedroom is also their playroom, but in a room where three or more children share a space, you may have to consider having the play area in another part of the home. Use under-bed storage containers under the bottom bunk to store extra blankets, pillows, winter clothing, or even some toys. Take advantage of the closet as well, making sure to use as much space as possible for storage in the closet so that clutter doesn't overflow onto the bedroom floor. Use wall space for storage as well. Hang some decorative shelving, hooks and other items to keep your child's belongings off the floor and stored neatly within the room without it looking too cluttered.

It's not easy living in a small space when you have more than two children, but it is doable. Careful planning and taking advantage of less traditional storage methods really come in handy when designing a room for three or more children. Don't be afraid to check out different styles of beds and if you can't find what you are looking for, you can always hire a professional to custom build a bed that is right for your children and your home.


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