Beautiful Copper Pipes

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When you think of someone using copper pipes in their home, decorating is likely the last thing that comes to mind. In fact, copper isn't very common in homes today, like it was during the Arts and Crafts Movement. Copper is a beautiful material that has a million uses. Copper piping is easy to work with and can create many beautiful décor and furniture pieces for your home.

Glass Top End Table
Create some unique and beautiful end tables for your living room or bedroom with copper pipes. Using assorted lengths and pieces of copper pipes, join them together and create a cube. Place a piece of glass atop the cube to create a beautiful copper end table. This would look great in an industrial-themed living room or bedroom.

Copper Pipe Shelving
Whether you mount it to the wall or build it from the floor up as a free standing shelf, copper shelving is a quick and easy way to add storage where you need it most. If you are going for an industrial, or even a modern theme in your kitchen, this tip will look amazing. Just as you did for the end tables, use a piece of wood or glass for the surface of the shelves. These shelves can be built to be as large or as small as necessary. These could also look amazing in a bathroom or office.

Cookware Hanger
Depending on their height or what material your ceilings are made of, this project could be a bit tricky, but could look amazing in your kitchen. If the ceilings are very high, or don't have a lot of support beams, you will have to consider hiring a professional for help with this project to ensure that it stays in place, and can hold the weight of the cookware that hangs from it. There are also preassembled versions of this project found at many of your hardware and furniture stores.

Towel Racks
This is probably the least expensive project you can do with copper piping. By simply using two pipe flanges (the piece of pipe that secures to the wall), two elbow pipes and one straight pieces of pipe, you can quickly create your very own copper pipe towel holder of any size, that will work in any room of your home.

Shoe Shelf
Built the same way as the shelves above, these shoe shelves would look great in the entryway, mudroom, or even just inside the front door, as a place for muddy shoes. The only difference is the height of the shelf. A shoe shelf is typically only three tiers tall. However, this could be a fun way to organize that amazing shoe collection in your closet. 

There are hundreds more ideas for using copper pipes as décor in your home, but these are some of the easier and most common projects. Copper is a beautiful, safe, fun and functional material that can be used in your home to create any piece of décor for any style you wish.


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