Get Creative with Your Stairs

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, March 6, 2017

The interior stairs of your home don’t get a lot of appreciation. They deserve the same care and love as the rest of your home, considering they take us from one floor to the next. Stairs are a huge part of your interior; make them the focal point of your home with these fun decorating tips.

Chalkboard Paint Those Stairs
How fun would it be for your kids to be able to write on the front board of the stairs? Even if you don’t allow the kids to draw on the stairs, chalkboard paint is a fun and easy paint choice that fits well with any décor style.

Wallpaper the Stairs
Wallpaper can be frustrating to stick to the stairs just as it is frustrating to stick to the walls but it looks amazing. This is a beautiful way to add pops of color and style to the stairs and can be done on a budget. No matter your home's décor, this is one tip that will work for you because there is sure to be a style of wallpaper that fits into your décor.

Piano Stairs
If your home already features musical décor or a black and white color scheme, then piano stairs are perfect for your home. It's done quickly and easily with just a little paint and can completely transform your home’s look.

Make Your Stairs Look Like Books
Turn your stairs into books by painting each stair a different color and adding the titles of your favorite books to the front boards of the stairs. The front boards will look like the spine of the books as they are stacked on the floor. This idea is perfect for the book lover in your home.

Rainbow Stairs
This idea isn’t for every home, but you can make it work. This colorful idea involves painting every stair a different color from top to bottom, creating a rainbow effect. This adds tons of color and will certainly brighten up those stairs making them the star of your home.

Change the Railings
Whether you paint them or replace them, changing the railings of your stairs can totally change their overall appearance. Even changing the materials they are made of can drastically improve the look of your stairs.

Add Art to the Walls
Adding art to the walls of your stairway is a classic way to spice things up in this part of your home. A gallery wall that follows the steps of the stairs looks beautiful and is a fun way to hang your art and family portraits.

No matter what method you choose, you can make those outdated, plain old stairs beautiful again. This is a fun place in your home to decorate and will drastically change the look and feel of the interior, so get creative and make those stairs pop.


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