Reclaimed Wood for Your Cabin

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reclaimed wood is in, and it looks amazing in your log cabin. There are many places you can feature reclaimed wood décor in your cabin. The natural imperfections found on the surface of the wood are what make it beautiful, which is why it belongs in your cabin.

Know Your Wood
Each kind of wood offers a different style of beauty for your cabin. The best reclaimed wood is chestnut, antique oak, rustic pine or heart pine. These woods have an aged appeal that looks great in any room of your home. When selecting the type of wood you want to use, you should keep in mind that each kind of wood handles its use differently. Hardwoods are best for furniture pieces and flat surfaces such as countertops and tables.

Most dealers of reclaimed wood are experts and can answer any questions you may have and even be able to help you find the right type of wood for whatever project you may have. Reclaimed wood comes from numerous sources, which include recycled building materials from warehouses and barns. Reclaimed wood features marks of history which is why it is so appealing for designers. One important thing to note is that reclaimed wood is expensive because of its limited supply, so plan its use accordingly and hire a professional to cut and treat the pieces as needed.

What Can You Do With Reclaimed Wood?
The most popular projects made from reclaimed wood are table tops and countertops. However, the possibilities are endless. You can use reclaimed wood to create sliding barn doors for rooms and closets in your home. End tables, dining tables, coffee tables, desks and shelves are all beautiful and functional ways to put reclaimed wood to use in your home. Wall hangings, such as signs and paintings, can be framed from reclaimed wood. Even furniture like benches and other seating can be crafted from reclaimed wood. If you are handy or good at making furniture, this can be a very fun project no matter what you decide to make.

Protect It
How you protect and maintain the reclaimed wood depends a lot on what you used it for. For example, countertops and table tops are cared for differently than doors and wall hangings because of the amount of wear and use they are put through. Before installing reclaimed wood countertops, you should research the proper way to protect and care for them. Countertops encounter moisture and abrasions on a regular basis which is why proper sealing techniques are crucial to protecting your investment.

Reclaimed wood is a timeless piece of material that looks beautiful in any home, but even more so in a cabin. It may be hard to find and, in most cases, can be very expensive, but just like your cabin, it's an investment worth making. Furniture and décor made from reclaimed wood are pieces that you can pass down through your family for generations to come.


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