Make a Modern Log Cabin More Rustic

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, March 9, 2017

The charm of a log cabin is sought after by so many. Newly built log cabins may look as beautiful as the traditional log homes, but just don’t give off that rustic vibe like a traditional cabin does. When building your new log home keep these tips in mind so your home feels as cozy as a log cabin should.

Stick to the Natural Materials
Many new log cabins look beautiful and rustic on the outside but lose the cabin feel as you walk through the door. To ensure the cabin vibe stays, try to avoid hanging sheet rock or painting the interior walls of the home. A simple stain and sealer are all that is needed. Same goes for the floors. Natural stone floors and hardwood floors are best in log homes. Stone countertops such as granite work best in the kitchen and bathrooms. Wooden cabinets, unpainted and only stained, really bring out the touch of nature in your home.

Natural Light and Décor
Allowing lots of natural light into your log home will open up the space making it feel more inviting. Live plants are the best décor for your home when trying to create a natural setting. When choosing décor for your cabin, it’s best to keep it as natural as possible to maintain the rustic feel, so use items that you can find in nature. Furnish your home with solid wood furniture and plaid patterns on upholstery and throw pillows.

This is also where a lot of do-it-yourself projects can come into play. Picture frames made of twigs, a vase filled with acorns, and maybe even some taxidermy wildlife hung above the mantle. All the things that keep that rustic energy flowing in your cabin.

Maintain It All
A vast majority of first-time cabin owners don’t fully understand the amount of work that goes into owning and properly maintaining a log cabin. If you opted for a more modern log cabin that basically has the look of a log home but without the maintenance of one, then this doesn’t apply to you. If your cabin is a traditional cabin, proper maintenance is a must.

Protecting the wood by treating for insects and sealing out moisture helps not only preserve the life of the wood, but also keeps the home looking great. Keep moisture away from your home and do repairs to the wood as they are needed. Don’t put off maintenance to your home. By protecting your log home, you are protecting your investment.

There is nothing wrong with owning a modern log cabin, but to truly keep that natural feel alive, you have to have some level of rustic décor in place. It's that rustic, natural vibe that drew you to this style of home in the first place, so keep it alive by keeping your cabin as traditional as possible and using natural materials for décor. Your cabin should be cozy and comfortable. Make it your own, make it beautiful.


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