Elements of the Best Living Room Design

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Friday, March 10, 2017

There are so many ways to design your living room, it can be hard to pick a design that you love and that fits the style of your home. Knowing your options makes creating a design so much easier.

Start With Seating
It is impossible not to be able to find a good sofa style for your living room. There are literally hundreds to choose from, and they are available in just about any color. You can even find furniture makers who can custom make a sofa just for you.

Styles include a chaise lounge which is a chair like a sofa that is long enough to extend your legs out comfortably, or a sectional sofa, which is a large sofa that can fill a living room with plenty of seating. You can choose to use a smaller sofa, such as a loveseat, combined with a few living room chairs, like recliners or an occasional chair. There is also the option of adding an ottoman which is a very functional seating choice because it can also be used as a footrest and extra storage. Benches are another great seating choice that comes in many different styles and colors.

Next, Choose Your Tables
Tables are almost a must in a living room. Either in the form of end tables or coffee tables. End tables are great on either side of the sofa and should feature a style that complements the look of the rest of the room. They look even better when a lamp is placed atop the tables. Coffee tables also come in a wide variety of styles and go great in any living room. Many coffee tables feature extra storage compartments, which come in handy in small spaces or for families with children who need an extra place to store toys.

Lastly, Choose Your Décor Accessories
Area rugs are perfect in a living room, especially a large one where you need to break up and define a space. It's important to keep in mind when choosing an area rug that size is the key to making this décor accessory work. If it’s too big, it will take over space, and if it's too small, it won’t matter if it's there or not because it won’t get noticed, so be sure to find the right size for your living room.

Your best and cheapest accessory when decorating is paint. The paint color you choose for your living room sets the tone for the entire room. This is one accessory you should consider first. Use the color wheel or choose the color scheme on your own, either way, you should use the color of the walls as your inspiration for the rest of your décor.

Other than the kitchen, the living room is the most popular room in your home. When it looks good, you feel good. There are a lot of decisions to make when decorating or even redecorating your living room. Plan it out on paper or use a design software to help your design come together beautifully.


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