From Fixer-Upper to a Beautiful Craftsman Home

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Thursday, February 23, 2017

When buying a home, it can be hard to find the right one to fit your style and ideas. There are many homes such as foreclosures that can easily be repaired and remodeled into your dream home. Why not convert your new house into a beautiful Craftsman style home? If that sounds good to you, then here is where to start.

Know the Structural Characteristics
Craftsman homes are typically built of natural materials such as real wood, stone, and brick. When recreating this design on a budget, you can opt for imitation materials that look like real wood, stone, and brick to save money. There are many elements of a craftsman style home that you can’t recreate on your existing home unless it was originally a craftsman home. A low-pitched roof is one of those elements. It would be silly to tear your roof off just to change its shape or appearance unless, of course, your entire roof needed to be replaced.

Interior Design for a Craftsman Home
Important aspects of the interior of a craftsman style home include earthy colors such as green and orange, and built-ins. Every original craftsman style home features built-ins in the form of shelving and cabinetry. These are easy, and often very cheap, to add to your home, and they look amazing. This is a great piece of functional décor for your home that works in almost any room.

Another prominent feature in this style of home is an open floor plan. Having an open concept in your home design makes the room feel bigger and allows family and guests to socialize easily throughout the home. Lastly for the interior, there should be a fireplace. A fireplace is a symbol of the family during the Arts and Crafts movement and was the most dominant feature in the living rooms of a craftsman style home. Although this may be expensive to add in, there is a cheap alternative to a traditional fireplace. Installing an electric fireplace will give the same effect, as far as décor goes, when creating this style, and can be budget friendly.

Exterior Design Options
Aside from the low roofs and exposed brick, wood, and stone on the outside of your home, there are other features on the exterior that create a craftsman look. Exposed beams on the porches of your home are stunning and were a big feature on the homes of this era. They are easy to add with the help of an experienced contractor. Most importantly, you can’t add beams to your porch if you don’t have a porch. Porches were another big part of this style. They featured thick, square or round columns and stone porch supports.

Any home can be a Craftsman style home. Knowing what to add and where is a big help. If you can take an old home and make it great again that is so much better than tearing it down and building something new. Old homes have a story, just like the Craftsman style of the Arts and Crafts Movement.


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